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The Best Gins in Australia to Sip on this Summer

Whether it's the classic sophistication of a martini or the vibrant zest of a G&T, gin's botanical dance elevates every sip. Here are the best gins in Australia right now.

Papa Salt

Gin – it's an acquired taste. Too strong and you'll have the mother of all headaches the next morning... but get it right, and it's primo. 

While it walks a fine line between the sublime and the disastrous, it's a libation that demands respect. With its complex flavour profile, mastering the art of gin is no mean feat. And, in the realm of mixology and entertaining, gin stands as the unsung hero, a chameleon-like spirit that effortlessly adapts to complex concoctions.

Its versatility is its secret weapon, a key ingredient in the alchemical process of transforming ordinary gatherings into extraordinary affairs. Whether it's the classic sophistication of a martini or the vibrant zest of a gin and tonic, gin's botanical dance elevates every sip.

And it all starts with having a high-quality bottle of gin stashed in your drink cupboard. So the next time you're craving a gin-based tipple, our edit of the best gins in Australia has all bases covered. 

Coffee & Cacao Gin Never Never Distilling Co

Coffee & Cacao Gin Never Never Distilling Co 

If you're a gin lover on the hunt for something sweet, Never Never Distilling Co has once again delivered. The Coffee & Cacao Gin has been developed with the best in Italian mixology, Lorenzo Antinori, and exudes notes of coffee bean, cacao nib, cacao butter and bergamot peel. Crafted specifically with the mixing of Negroni's in mind, this is going to make the gin-lover in your life a very well-received gift. 

SHOP NOW: Coffee & Cacao Gin, $79.95 per bottle 

Roku Gin (Image Credit: Rob Palmer)

Roku Gin 

Roku Gin is a delicate all-rounder from The House of Suntory and features six distinctive Japanese botanicals - Sakura flower, Sakura leaf, Yuzu peel, Sencha tea (green tea), Gyokuro tea (refined green tea) and Sanshō pepper. The only gin of its kind, Roku uses separate distillation processes in order to extract the best from each ingredient. It's perfect for a fruity spritz or mixed with a top-notch tonic and garnished with ginger. 

SHOP NOW: Roku Gin, $75.99 per bottle 

Yarra Strength Navy Gin, Little Lon

Yarra Strength Navy Gin, Little Lon

Little Lon Distilling Co's Yarra Strength Navy Gin is a tribute to the beauty of Melbourne's vital, enduring waterway, the people, and the city itself. Precisely crafted with a harvest of native botanicals that once graced the banks of the Yarra, the gin is then proofed with river water that's been rigorously filtered and direct from the source - where the `Yarra meets the sea, in Port Phillip `Bay.

This is the only spirit in Australia to have done this, and it will never be repeated. A true taste of history, that weaves a beautiful story of flavour from the first sip - with notes of mint, bursts of fresh citrus and punchy juniper, finishing with a lingering saline simplicity. 

SHOP NOW: Yarra Strenght Navy Gin, $175 per bottle

Melbourne Dry Gin, Patient Wolf

Melbourne Dry Gin, Patient Wolf

Patient Wolf Melbourne Dry Gun is, technically speaking, the best gin in Australia after scoring Vintage Cellars' top accolade in their 2023 Spirit Awards. Distilled in small batches, Patient Wolf Melbourne Dry Gin is hand-crafted and made using pure Australian water and a mix of native and exotic botanicals, including ruby grapefruit, cubeb pepper and native aniseed myrtle. It's a boutique gin that is big, bold and complex, yet incredibly smooth and balanced.

SHOP NOW: Melbourne Dry Gin, $82 per bottle

Bloody Shiraz Gin, Four Pillars

Bloody Shiraz Gin, Four Pillars

Love a glass of Shiraz and a gin? The fabulous team at Four Pillars have brought these delicious drinks together to produce one very moreish and striking drink, the Bloody Shiraz. Luke Shadbolt's creative talent is on show on the label, with the designs featuring a swirly, sculptural print to capture the essence of the flavours.

SHOP NOW: Bloody Shiraz Gin, $84 per bottle

Oyster Shell Gin, Never Never

Oyster Shell Gin, Never Never

Never Never's Oyster Shell Gin will not disappoint. Made in Collaboration with Society Restaurant in Melbourne, this is a unique drop that embodies the Australian coastline. Created with Kangaroo Island oyster shell, waxflower, Tasmania wakame, coastal daisy bush, saltbush and round mint to create a unique taste that goes perfectly with seafood.

SHOP NOW: Oyster Shell Gin, $79 per bottle

Gallivanter Gin

Gallivanter Gin, 700ml

This gorgeous wild botanical gin is light-hearted and adventurous in spirit. With strong juniper undertones, it's punctuated with notes of fresh, bright citrus and hand-foraged native botanicals from the grounds of Western Victoria.

SHOP NOW: Gallivanter Gin, $75 per bottle 

Craft Gin, Bloom and Blossom

Craft Gin, Bloom and Blossom

A delightful drop that features Australian-grown lemon myrtle, coriander seed and orange peel, Oris Root and Macedonian Juniper. Distilled in Australia, the Bloom and Blossom Craft Gin isn't just a welcome addition to your G&T - the beautiful bottle, which was designed by The Spice Agency,  is a sight for sore eyes, too. We'll be keeping ours to double as a cute vase once we're finished with the gin. 

SHOP NOW: Bloom and Blossom Craft Gin, $66.99

Ocean Grown Gin, Grown Spirits

Ocean Grown Gin, Grown Spirits

Ahh. We love a drink that does good and Grown Spirits is back at it again with their latest release, Ocean Grown Gin. This time they've teamed up with the Reef Restoration Foundation to craft an ocean-inspired gin with bright and delicate saline notes, alongside hints of dry citrus and spice. Perfect for the upcoming summer! As always, part of the sale of each bottle will be donated to reef restoration in North Queensland

SHOP NOW: Ocean Grown Gin, $96 per bottle 

Papa Salt Coastal Gin

Papa Salt Coastal Gin

Papa Salt Coastal Gin is one of the most exciting new gins on the scene, and that's not just because it's the brainchild of Hollywood heavyweight Margot Robbie, her producer husband Tom Ackerley, and their mates s Josey McNamara, Regan Riskas and Charlie Maas. It's also genuinely delicious and versatile. 

Created to sip on those slow and salty summer days, Papa Salt is an easy-drinking gin ideal for sharing. Native Australian wattleseed and pink peppercorn are brightened with zesty wax flower, hibiscus, citrus peel and a hint of oyster shell. Have it short, tall, or straight up. 

SHOP NOW: Papa Salt Coastal Gin, $84.99 per bottle

Taylor and Smith Gin

Taylor and Smith Gin

Taylor and Smith Gin is considered one of the best gins in Australia. And don't just take our word for it, let the many, many awards it's won back that up. Distilled in small batches in Hobart, this handmade gin uses Huon Valley apples to make their uniquely crafted Eau de vie.

It has 17 botanicals, both contemporary Tasmanian and traditional, while the water used comes from a lake of snowmelt at Mount Field National Park that feeds directly down to the distillery. The Taylor and Smith Gin is evenly balanced, complex, and aromatic making for a lovely dry martini or a G&T with cucumber.

SHOP NOW: Taylor and Smith Gin, $89 per bottle

Flora Adora Gin, Hendricks

Flora Adora Gin, Hendricks

Hendrick’s Flora Adora is one of the best Australian gins on the market thanks to its beautiful juniper and coriander notes that are underscored by lush, green and wonderfully deep sweet
floral characteristics. It combines 11 botanicals distilled in two unusual stills and uses a secret selection of flowers particularly attractive to pollinators to create an enticingly fresh, luscious floral gin.

SHOP NOW: Flora Adora Gin, $78

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