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  • The Best Pimple Patches in Australia to Get Rid of an Unwanted Friend on Your Face

The Best Pimple Patches in Australia to Get Rid of an Unwanted Friend on Your Face

Pimples, be gone!

Skin Control

Picture this: you're counting down to a big event, only to wake with an enormous new pimple that has decided to take up residence smack bang in the middle of your forehead. 

Cue the panic. Do you pop it? Do you leave it be? Or, do you try a pimple patch?

Pimple patches are certainly having a moment - but do pimple patches even work?

We spoke to Dr. Ginny Mansburg, GP and co-founder of Evidence Skincare E.S.K about pimple patches — from whether or not they work, what pimple patches are made from and if they're worth your precious coin or not.

Plus, a round-up of the best pimple patch brands in Australia to help get rid of an unwanted face friend.

What are Pimple Patches?

"They are small adhesive (stick-on) patches that can be placed directly on top of pimples or blemishes in an effort to eradicate them ASAP," Dr. Ginni Mansfield explains.

"Most pimple patches are designed to help reduce and hopefully clear specific early-stage pimples but they don’t treat the underlying cause of acne. Which, if left untreated, will come back.

"Some pimple patches are made with hydrocolloid, a gel-like material that can absorb liquids, and also protect the skin to allow some time for healing there is some suggestion that they are effective only on 'open' pimples (ie. blackheads and picked or popped pimples).

"The other type of acne patch is made of dissolving microneedles. These patches will have lots of tiny needles, usually made from hyaluronic acid) which occurs naturally in the skin). The needles penetrate the outer layer of the skin and then begin to dissolve. These needles will usually contain some acne-fighting ingredients in their tips and when the needle starts to dissolve, the active ingredients are released below the outer layer of the skin and help clear up the pimple."

E.S.K Pimple Patches

Do Pimple Patches Work?

"The short answer here is we are pretty sure — but more studies would be nice!" Dr. Mansfield admits.

"There is emerging evidence for both types of patches. But they certainly don’t make pimples disappear for everyone and particularly large and often red and painful cystic acne can be resistant to patches, even those with microneedles."

"As for superficial pimples, which are the most common — and many of us will only ever have these kinds of pimples — they can often resolve in a matter of days, disappearing without a scar and usually don’t throb," she says.

"Pimple patches can be a good solution to get rid of superficial pimples quickly and reduce the redness and shininess of these pimples so they’re much less obvious."

How Exactly Do Pimple Patches Work?

"Well, it really depends on the type of pimple patch you’re using. Hydrocolloid bandages absorb pus and they also stop you from picking or scratching and just give your skin space to heal itself," Dr. Mansfield reveals. 

"Evidence Skincare’s Spotless Microneedle Patches are a little different and will up your pimple patch game. Each patch contains 300 dissolving hyaluronic acid microneedles. Each tiny 0.3-millimeter long microneedle contains powerful acne-fighting actives with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties like salicylic acid, tea tree oil, green tea and resveratrol, that are delivered to where they’re needed, in the dermis itself."

"Microneedles are exactly what they sound like — hundreds of tiny needles often less than one-millimetre long that puncture the skin. The purpose is twofold — to actually traumatise your skin, stimulating healing. The second is to get past the skin barrier (or stratum corneum) to deliver acne-fighting ingredients deeper into the epidermis. Microneedling has been studied and shown to have benefits for reducing acne and a host of other skin issues, that’s why E.S.K uses this technology to target those pesky spots," Dr. Mansfield points out. 

When Should I Pop My Pimple?

To pop or not to pop, that is the question. Dr. Mansfield says you can sometimes squeeze a pimple to help heal it, but there are rules to follow. 

"If your blackhead, whitehead, or pustule (pimple filled with puss) is not hurting or inflamed, and you don’t have a microneedle patch to hand, you can squeeze them," she says.

"But be careful. Thoroughly wash and dry your hands and use a blackhead extractor, gently. If it doesn’t work straight away, abandon ship."

What Are The Best Pimple Patches in Australia?

There's no harm in testing out pimple patches and seeing how your skin reacts. They may be small but they sure are mighty and know how to kick a pimple's arse, quick smart. And their discreet design meant you can pop them on and go about your business.

We've scoured the market for the best pimple patches in Australia to buy right now.


Evidence Skincare E.S.K

Founded by TV personality and GP, Dr. Ginni Mansberg and her husband Daniel, E.S.K is a premium Australian skincare brand that prides itself on creating products that use evidence-based information that are effective, easy to use and ethical.

Their Spotless: Microneedle Patches ($44, 8 patches) banish and fade early-stage pimples with 300 dissolving Hyaluronic Acid microneedles tipped with Salicylic Acid, Vitamin B3, Tea Tree Oil and Green Tea. Their Ageless: Microneedle Patches ($160, 16 patches), which have 2600 dissolving microneedles that melt under the surface of the skin for improved delivery of active ingredients, is also a bestseller. 

Shop now

tbh.'s Patch It Up — Everyday Patches


tbh.'s Patch it Up - Everyday Pimple Patches ($19.95, 72 patches) are a secret weapon when it comes to fighting unwanted pimples. These thin, transparent patches are infused with powerful ingredients like tea tree oil, niacinamide and salicylic acid, which work together to unclog pores, reduce inflammation, and accelerate the healing process. 

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Skin Control

Skin Control

Who says pimple patches can't be fun? Swap a slumber party face mask for a few pimple patches in cheeky and colourful designs, like hearts, flowers, stars, kisses and rainbows. The Skin Control Pimple Patch Party Pack ($8.99, 36 patches) takes skincare and makes it cute.

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Peace Out Skincare

Peace Out Skincare 

Peace Out Skincare's Acne Healing Dots ($53, 40 dots) are the only patented acne patch that combines clean hydrocolloid polymer technology and actives to minimise the look of pimples overnight. Loaded with salicylic acid, retinol and soothing aloe vera, spots will look and feel significantly less you can truly peace out. 

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COSRX's Acne Pimple Master Patch


COSRX is a renowned Korean skincare brand who are absolute pros when it comes to high-quality pimple patches that actually work. Their Acne Pimple Master Patch ($6.32, 24 patches) is a cult favourite, with ultra-thin patches that effectively absorb impurities and reduce inflammation, leaving your skin visibly clearer and calmer.

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Clear, individual blemish stickers from MECCA MAX, SPOT DOTS Blemish Busting Patches ($26, 36 patches) are infused with skin-protecting ingredients to keep pimples at bay. Protecting skin and absorbing excess moisture with minimal fuss (and scarring), these patches are the secret to party-perfect skin. 

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Arguably the beauty patch experts (it's all in the name, really), this Breakout Box from Patchology ($30) is a three-in-one acne-fighting kit. With two different types of pimple patches and three effective pore-clearing strips, the kit will leave you with refined, breakout-free skin. 

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