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  • The 2024 Nail Trends You Need to Try Out for Yourself

The 2024 Nail Trends You Need to Try Out for Yourself

New Year, new me, et cetera. The only New Year’s Resolution we care about is having enviable nails that make people stop in their tracks.

Image credit @overglowedit

Different self-care methods come and go, but the one that seems to always stand tall and true like a stable rock seems to be our classic, consistent nail appointments. Whether it’s a manicure or pedicure, there’s just something about having your nails perfectly manicured that helps you to feel low maintenance and put together at the same time.

Another year has flown by, and with that, our go-to nail trends. As our past loves fizzle out from overuse and too much adoration, alluring new designs start to pique our interest, taking their place (we’re still talking about nails, are you?). In the words of Olivia Rodrigo, ‘God, it’s brutal out here,’ and that has definitely been the case with the current state of the trend cycle. It's hard to keep up, which makes booking in at your nail salon a stressful feat. How are we ever meant to choose a design or try something new when we now tire of seeing trends so quickly?

Want to venture away from your usual shade, but not sure where to look or what to try? We’ve got your back (and your nails). After conducting extensive research, we’ve rounded up the eight 2024 nail trends you need to experience for yourself. And don’t worry, these styles won’t vanish into the abyss any time soon.

Maximalist Nails (Image credit: @amyle.nails)

Maximalist Nails

While we thought minimalism was here to stay, that door seems to be slowly creaking closed, with its loud cousin taking its place. Maximalism is back. And it’s better than ever. More is more, which means you can get creative and express yourself in whatever way your heart desires. Want a different colour on every hand? Go for it. Think it would look cute to cover every finger in nail charms? We couldn’t agree more! This 2024 nail trend lets you get wild.

Get the look at home:

Coquette Nails (Image credit: Alyssa Forato)

Coquette Nails

If you’ve scrolled through social media recently (or even stepped outside), you’ve most definitely seen women leaning into their feminine side, wearing pink and lace galore, and adorning their hair and bags with bows. This is the viral ‘coquette aesthetic’, and it has taken the world by storm. Now, people aren’t only dressing coquette, but are also applying the aesthetic to their nails. Think lots and lots of bows, hearts, pearls and gems on pretty pink nails and French tips. This 2024 nail trend is all about healing your inner child and embracing your feminine energy.

Get the look at home:

3D Nails (Image credit: @overglowedit)

3D Nails

Everything is simply better when it’s in 3D. Movies, drawings, people…so why not adopt that same notion for your nails? 3D nail art isn’t a new concept - it has been popular in South Korea and Japan as a part of Harajuku fashion for years - but it’s now growing in popularity across the globe. This nail trend is all about adding dimension and texture through all sorts of unique nail art; think decals, gems, pearls, texture and accessories. If you fiddle with your nails, this is definitely the 2024 nail trend you need to partake in - it’s a whole sensory experience. Plus, there’s an endless number of fun designs you can experiment with; you’ll be scrolling Pinterest for hours.

Get the look at home:

Bold Colours (Image credit: @buff__studios)

Bold Colours

As much as we love the clean girl aesthetic, we can’t help but love all of the bold colours that are making their way back into nail salons.Pale pinks and neutrals are being replaced with vibrant pinks, loud blues and statement greens. One colour that we’ve been noticing in particular? Tangerine orange. It’s bright, fun, oozes summer and happiness.While calmer, neutral hues will always be staples in our nail rotation for us to fall back on, we think painting some colour and life onto our nails looks amazing, too.

Get the look at home:

Cherry Red Nails (Image credit: @jwnailsmelb)

Cherry Red Nails

We saw red nails absolutely everywhere in 2023, thanks to the likes of celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Sofia Richie, as well as the viral ‘red nail theory’ on TikTok. This 2024 nail trend was very reminiscent of the ‘90s, and allowed people to express their bold and confident selves. Now, the red nail polish trend is evolving and deepening to suit the new year, leaving us with an obsession with cherry red nails. This rich hue compliments any skin tone, and is the perfect way to add class and elegance to any outfit. Whether you use it as a single colour, a coloured french tip, or for nail art, this versatile polish can be used in a multitude of ways. It’s safe to say cherry red nails won’t be going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

Get the look at home:

Silver Chrome Accent Nails (Image credit: Manicure Laundry)

Silver Chrome Accent Nails

Chrome nails in all sorts of colours were one of the biggest 2023 nail trends, thanks to Hailey Bieber’s iconic ‘glazed doughnut nails.’ And although we’ll always love the shiny, pearlescent effect those nails give, we’ve moved away from all-over chrome and have started to apply it in more subtle ways. Now, silver chrome accent nails are taking the nail community by storm. Everyone is currently loving adding chrome accents through nail art, including lines, patterns, bows, hearts and more. It gives off an ultra cool effect, especially when it’s combined with the 3D nail trend.

Press-on Nails (Image credit: @glowiebyher)

Press-On Nails

As much as we love a self-care day, a trip to the nail salon can be time-consuming. If you’re running behind schedule and can’t make your regular appointment, or your job doesn’t allow you to have perfectly painted nails 24/7, press-on nails are quickly becoming the solution that many reach for. Despite press-ons being around for years, they have shot up in popularity recently, with more brands coming out with designs that aren’t just the classic French tip or nude nail.

Being short on time isn’t the only reason why people are ditching the salon for press-on nails. With the rise in cost of living (sorry to bring it up), people simply can’t afford luxuries like that anymore, but still want to feel confident and keep their nails looking fresh, which is why they’re turning to press-on nails. These allow you to still look like you took the time to go and get a manicure, but at a fraction of the cost - it’s a win-win!

Get the look at home:

DIY Gel Nails (Image credit: @nailzbykayli)

DIY Gel Nails

Speaking about the rising cost of living and not being able to afford nail appointments, another tactic people have adopted is doing their own nails. DIY gel nails started gaining popularity during COVID, since people couldn't visit their nail techs to keep their cuticles looking their best. While some opted to go au naturel, others preferred to keep their nails painted, even if it meant getting a DIY gel nail kit and learning to do it themselves. While it takes a few attempts to get the hang of it, once you do, you may never feel the need to step into a nail salon again!

Get the look at home:

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