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Slurp Your Way Through The Best Ramen in Sydney

Here’s your cheat sheet for finding steaming bowls of the best ramen in Sydney.

Bones Ramen

Sydney is a city that boasts a vibrant culinary scene, and among its offerings are some of the best ramen restaurants in Australia. From traditional to modern interpretations, there is a ramen spot in Sydney that caters to every taste bud.

With its rich, umami flavours and comforting warmth, ramen is a popular and beloved Japanese dish that has taken the world by storm.

Whether you're a ramen aficionado or looking to explore new flavours from Asia, Sydney's ramen scene offers an exciting range of options to choose from.

Join us as we explore the best ramen in Sydney, one bowl at a time.

Gaku Robata Grill

Gaku Robata Grill

A Sydney dinner favourite serving traditional Japanese cooked robata style (over the charcoal grill), Gaku Robata Grill also makes a mean bowl of ramen come lunch hour.

With five flavours to choose from including duck Yuzu, Japanese Wagyu, spicy Gaku and classic Gaku, all bowls are served with plenty of aged noodles.

Open seven days a week, Gaku is the place to visit when those lunchtime ramen cravings inevitably hit.

2/132 Darlinghurst Road, Darlinghurst

Hakata Gensuke

Hakata Gensuke

For a hearty ramen fix, hit up Hakata Gensuke on George Street. They've nailed the creamy tonkotsu brot - a masterpiece by ramen legend Kousuke Yoshimura.

The menu is a treasure trove for ramen lovers, featuring a tempting lineup of 10 unique tonkotsu variations. But if you're looking for a must-order bowl, the Special Signature Tonkotsu should top your list.

This ramen is a symphony of flavours, with tender chashu, perfectly cooked eggs, fragrant seaweed, and the delightful crunch of menma—the works.

Regent Place Shopping Centre, 501 George Street

RaRa Ramen

RaRa Ramen

For modern, ramen delights in Sydney, RaRa Ramen is the place to go. This local joint doesn't just serve ramen; it crafts authentic, soul-warming bowls that transport you straight to the streets of Japan.

With secret recipes, you know you're in for a treat. They've mastered the art of crafting Hakata-style noodles, lovingly handmade every day, and their signature tonkotsu broth is simmered to perfection.

From tonkotsu to shoyu, pork reigns supreme, but for plant-based diners...don’t stress! There’s a vegan soy shio with grilled tomato, bamboo and shallots that is just as flavoursome and soul-warming.

Randwick, Redfern & South Eveleigh

Chaco Ramen

Chaco Ramen

When it comes to ramen in Sydney, Chaco Ramen is a must-visit. They've got their roots in the heart of this city's food scene, thanks to a passion for both yakitori and ramen.

These folks are on a mission, aiming to define ramen culture in Sydney and across Australia with their unique, no-nonsense bowls of deliciousness.

Taking classic techniques and giving them a modern twist, resulting in four unforgettable signature ramen options. The Chilli Coriander and Yuzu Scallop ramen are standouts, and every visit here is a warm, soul-soothing experience.

No frills, just fantastic flavour.

Darlinghurst, Bondi

Ramen Zundo

Ramen Zundo

Boiling their soups for over 12 hours, Ramen Zundo’s creations are not to be taken lightly. The taste of Japan’s signature ramen is right here in Sydney, with your choice of their signature tonkotsu broth, black tonkotsu, red broth with anchovy paste, and a miso blend that took five years to perfect.

We’ve no doubt the marbled pork chashu or freshly made noodles will have you squealing with delight.

Chatswood & Sydney CBD

Rising Sun Workshop

Rising Sun Workshop

This communal motorcycle workshop and restaurant comes complete with equal parts mechanic cool, Single Origin Coffee and most importantly, ramen.

Housed in a transformed Mitre Ten store, it's a place where the coolness of a motorcycle workshop meets the warmth of ramen. Settle into Rising Sun Workshop's space for a steaming bowl of ramen any day of the week.

With four options; Breakfast Ramen, 'The Darkness’, ‘The Light’, and ‘The Monk’ you’ll be tempted to return and sample each variation. When the craving hits, pump the gas to one of the best ramen joints in Sydney.

1C Whateley Street, Newtown

Ramen Bar Goku

Ramen Bar Goku

Taming the lighter-style tonkotsu broth, Ramen Bar Goku brings a tidy collection of ramen to the student-dense residents of Glebe, and for a very reasonable price.

With four base broth styles available–soy, miso, shio, and pork tonkotsu–you can tweak your bowl to taste, add extra protein or a spicy kick with chili-pork mince to your bowl, and FYI - the katsu buns are legendary.

Chilled ramen enthusiasts will adore the tsukemen, served with a side of seafood tonkotsu dipping sauce.

Plus, the best part: It's BYO wine. 

30 Glebe Point Road, Glebe

Bones Ramen

Bones Ramen

Looking for the best ramen in Sydney? Look no further than Bones Ramen in Rushcutters Bay. No frills, just fantastic Japanese fare.

Step into this micro ramen joint, right across from its sister spot, Farmhouse, and you're in for a treat. With just 20 seats, it's cosy and unpretentious, just the way locals like it.

With a menu delivering delicious and authentic Japanese cuisine, there is plenty to choose from. From the prawn shinjo to the Tokyo-men, don't forget to add your favourite toppings to make your meal even more delectable.

Plus, the drinks menu features Aussie beers and a solid selection of wines that pair perfectly with the spicy broths and fried delights.

4/51-57 Bayswater Road, Rushcutters Bay

Ichi-ban Boshi

Ichi-ban Boshi

For those in the know about the best ramen in Sydney, Ichi-ban Boshi is a reliable choice. They've been doing their noodle thing for over two decades, and it shows.

With a range of soups and noodles that could keep your taste buds on a never-ending adventure, you're in for a cosy, comforting ride.

The Tokyo ramen is a trip to the past, wrapped in modern charm. And their house-made noodles? Serious business. Crafted daily, they're delicate yet robust, perfect for the rich chicken broth and succulent pork.

Whether you're craving nostalgia in a bowl or exploring new flavour territories, they're the quiet champions of the local ramen scene.

Sydney CBD, Bondi Junction 



This worldwide chain presents traditional tonkotsu ramen across four venues in Sydney. Ippudo’s authentic ramen, initially crafted by Shigemi Kawahara, brings high-quality produce to every dish, and their Kaedama option means you will never run low on noodles again.

The Special Combination addition is all but mandatory with pork loin and belly chashi, flavoured egg, bamboo shoots and roasted seaweed sheets.

Chatswood, Chippendale, North Ryde & Sydney CBD



Gumshara, the unsung hero of ramen in Sydney, has moved to a new haunt, and it's just as impressive as ever. Nestled in the heart of Chinatown, the new 40-seater gem carries on its legacy.

They're famous for their tonkotsu ramen and trust us, the buzz is real. While the miso, shoyu, garlic tonkotsu, tomato tonkotsu and pork spare rib ramens all hold their weight, it’s Gumshara's unctuous tonkotsu with slices of pork, ramen noodles and soft-boiled egg that you really must taste for yourself.

9 Kimber Lane, Haymarket

Menya Noodle Bar

Menya Noodle Bar

The chefs at this beloved ramen institution ‘pour their hearts in their noodles’, and their soups made from scratch are no different.

Menya's recommended Fukuoka-style Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen is as hearty as they come, with pork, fish cake, seasoned egg and all the trimmings. The Chilli Beef Ramen with fresh garlic, chives, chilli oil and red ginger is the perfect dish for spice lovers. 

2/1 Market Street, Sydney

Yasaka Ramen

Yasaka Ramen

With chefs making fresh ramen noodles on the daily for their tonkotsu shio, shoyu and miso broths, the Yasaka mantra of ‘No Ramen, No Life’ speaks to us on a deep level.

Immerse yourself in the miso Kakuni soft bone pork ramen with a side of takoyaki octopus balls with wasabi soy sauce, before finishing off with a roasted green tea ice cream.

Rhodes, Sydney CBD & Waterloo

Ryo's Noodles

Ryo’s Noodles

You’ll be hard-pressed to spot this Crows Nest institution without a queue winding out of the front door, as locals vie for a table to slurp down a bowl of one of Sydney’s best ramens.

Ryo's at Bondi Junction is equally as adored, with their traditional Ton Kotsu soups a distinct favourite. Be sure to add a side of gyoza and kimchee to round out your meal.

Bondi Junction & Crows Nest

Manpuku Ramen

Manpuku Ramen

When it comes to the best ramen in Sydney, Manpuku's got the gara-shoyu variety game on point. With two venues in Kingsford and Chatswood, it's a go-to for those seeking that lighter, chicken and soy-based broth.

Their signature soy-based pork and chicken ramen is the real deal, loaded with pork belly, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, shallots, seaweed, Niemago egg, and homemade Manpuku noodles.

Yup, they make their noodles in-house, and they've got three types to choose from, matching your ramen of choice. Plus, they've got the half-serve option if you're feeling snacky. 

Kingsford & Chatswood

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