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  • These Are the Best Mattresses in Australia Right Now

These Are the Best Mattresses in Australia Right Now

Can't sleep? This edit of the best mattresses in Australia will have you snoozing soundly in no time.


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Sleep, glorious sleep, is a massive part of our lives. On average, we'll spend about 26 years (that's one-third of our lives!) of our lives snoozing. So, we should gear our bedroom setup toward our many varied sleep needs. 

It all starts with finding the perfect mattress that's just right for you and your body (where are our sore back girlies at?). Whether you love a firm-feeling one or a soft fluffy mattress, it's all here. 

So much more than where we rest our bodies, our beds are where we go unwind after a stressful day. They are places where we watch movies, work from home in our pyjamas and relax with our partner at the end of the day. 

Our bed is our home within our home, our happy place. That's why we've taken it upon ourselves to bring you a comprehensive round-up of the best mattresses in Australia. Be warned though, you'll want to have a nap after reading this.

The Best Mattresses in Australia 2024: Our Picks

Best Mattresses for Back Pain Australia

Get infinitely better sleep with a mattress with adjustable firmness, pressure point relief and advanced technology.

We love: Emma Luxe Plus Mattress, Eva Premium Adapt Mattress, Ecosa Pure Mattress

Best Mattresses for Kids

Kids need all the benefits of a good night's sleep, just like us, with a mattress that is high quality, supportive, durable and non-toxic.

We love: Eco Kids Mattress, Koala Joey Kids Mattress, Sleep Republic Kids Mattress, Zeek The Bunk Mattress

Best Memory Foam Mattresses Australia

Memory foam mattresses mould to the contours of your body, making them comfortable, while reducing pressure points and alleviating pain.

We love: Emma Comfort Mattress, Yinahla Copper Gel, Ergoflex 5G Memory Foam Mattress, Ecosa Memory Foam

Best Mattresses in a Box Australia

Easy-to-deliver (and easy-to-pack) mattresses in a box are the next big thing in mattresses.

We love: Emma Comfort Mattress, Sleep Republic Mattress, Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress

Best Luxury Mattresses Australia

A good night's sleep shouldn't be a luxury - make every rest a beauty rest with mattresses that are the highest quality possible.

We love: Sleeping Duck SD Mach II, Forty Winks Crown Posture Bedding Premiere Reserve Barossa Mattress Plush, Orthokinetic Signature Monarch

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers Australia

Are you a side sleeper? Choose a mattress with adjustable firmness levels that perfectly fit your sleep needs.

We love: Peace Lily Latex Mattress, Atlantis Mattress, Macoda Mattress

Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers Australia

If sleep leaves you sweating in the warmer months, choose a mattress made for hot sleepers with cooling technology.

We love: Sleeping Duck SD Mach II, Yinahla Posture Gel, Bedgear M3 Performance Mattress, Koala Plus Mattress

Best Affordable Mattresses Australia

Sleeping soundly shouldn't break the bank. There are plenty of affordable mattresses in Australia that combine high-tech features with reasonable prices.

We love: Mattress Crafters Boutique Mattress, Mobile Mattress Osteo Support, Eva Comfort Classic Mattress

Best Firm Mattresses Australia

If firm mattresses are your thing, these picks combine high-density foam with high coil count for an incomparable sleep experience.

We love: Sleep Firm Firm Bed Mattress, Yinahla Premier Firm, Deep Dream Super Firm Mattress

Best Soft Mattresses Australia

Sink into some of the best soft mattresses in Australia that feel like snoozing on a cloud all night.

We love: Macoda Mattress, Deep Dream Super Soft Mattress

Best Mattresses in Australia 2024

Emma Sleep

Emma Sleep

Using the latest research and technology, Emma Sleep is passionate about giving its customers a peaceful night's sleep at an affordable price point. Combining the latest foam technologies and premium materials, their product designers, engineers, and sleep experts work tirelessly to develop state-of-the-art mattresses. 

Product Highlights: Fresh Air Comfort Cover so the mattress doesn't slide, Point Elastic Airgocell allows one area of your mattress to compress without impacting the rest,  supportive HRX Foam made with special zoning technology to support correct hip, shoulder, and spinal alignment.

Shop Now: Emma Comfort Mattress, from $580

Sleeping Duck

Sleeping Duck

Sleeping Duck claims to have built the most advanced mattress in the world - and the reviews agree. Designed using Aerospace Engineering (yes, really), the SD MACH II comes with the brand's signature BreathTech Cover, which is breathable, moisture-wicking, comfortable and machine washable. It also comes with Antigravity Surface Foam for superior comfort and cushioning without limiting moveability. The brand also offers a range of bed frames, pillows and bedding, too. 

Product Highlights: The BreatheTech hyper-soft bamboo knitted cover and Australian-made antigravity surface foam ensure the ultimate softness and coolness. Plus, with an interchangeable firmness system, you can adjust the mattress at home for your perfect night's sleep. 

Shop Now: Sleeping Duck SD MACH II Mattress, from $999



Koala’s mattresses have quickly become some of the best mattresses in Australia, and their latest release is changing the mattress game once again. The Koala Plus Mattress is the company’s most advanced mattress to date, with moisture-wicking CoolThread and advanced cooling gel that makes it literally cool to the touch and perfect for summer. Sweaty sleepers rejoice and prepare to be less stressed and get more rest this summer.

Product Highlights: 33% more Kloudcell (making it the closest experience to floating on a cloud), advanced cooling gel to help the body cool down in preparation for a sound night’s sleep, and Zero Disturbance technology that isolates motion no matter who you sleep next to.

Shop Now: The Koala Plus Mattress, from $1000

Sleep Republic

Sleep Republic 

Sleep Republic makes high-quality, hybrid mattresses that have been voted winner of the Best Overall Mattress in a Box three years in a row by Australia's leading independent bed review site, Bedbuyer. Their mattresses offer breathability, and support and have been endorsed by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation.

Product Highlights: 2500 springs, cashmere knitted fabric for the ultimate softness, gel-infused memory foam contours to your body, providing pressure relief, 3D spacer fabric that further enhances airflow

Shop Now: Sleep Republic Mattress from $799

Sleep Firm

Sleep Firm

As the name suggests, Sleep Firm are experts in firm mattresses. From the centre to the edges, it's all about firmness to the core. Their mattresses are breathable, Australian-made, and delivered in a box. Most recently, they won Best Firm Mattress in a Box for 2023 by BedBuyer.

Product Highlights: S+ Pro 5 Zone Independent Spring System, Boomerang Foam, adaptive fabric, Quiltec (Grade QRV) foam.

Shop Now: Sleep Firm Firm Bed Mattress from $799



When it comes to the best mattresses in Australia, Yinahla is the leader in Australian-made, luxury mattresses that you can buy online or in-store. Their range caters to a whole spectrum of back pain needs and offers affordable luxury mattresses. They have also won the coveted Australia’s Mattress of the Year 2023 award. 

Product Highlights: Their range has been officially endorsed by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation, Ultra HD gel-infused memory foam, pocket spring system and advanced comfort layer technology. 

Shop Now: Yinahla Copper Gel, from $3,169



The Ecosa signature mattress is designed for all, with adjustable firmness to suit what helps you sleep the best. Plus, it's an investment that lasts with the firmness able to be adjusted as your needs (and wants) naturally change over time. 

Product Highlights: Besides being able to change your mattress firmness as often as you like with three different options, each Ecosa mattress offers ergonomic support and spinal alignment, and reduces allergy risk with the removable OceanCycled cover that keeps it clean and dust mite-free.

Shop Now: Ecosa Queen mattress, $1,150



Eva's award-winning mattresses in a box are popular for their hybrid design which offers the cloud-like comfort of memory foam and the support of pocket springs. Their range has varying levels of firmness. 

Product Highlights: 5-zone reinforced pocket springs for full-body support, edge support, cooling gel memory foam.

Shop Now: Eva Comfort Classic Mattress, from $900



Onebed's mattresses are the perfect sleep solution for those seeking maximum comfort and support at an affordable price. They have an innerspring base, with softer foam at the top of the mattress.

Product Highlights: Memory foam, 125-night trial, cool and breathable, doesn't disturb partner, 15-year warranty, free shipping Australia-wide 

Shop Now: Onebed X 12'', from $2090

Now you've finished our round-up of the best mattresses in Australia, why not keep the bedroom inspo going and check out our edit of the best bedside tables for any budget or style? Then take a look at our round-up of the best wooden bedframes. Sweet dreams! 

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