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One For the Bucket List: The Best Pink Lakes in Australia

Load up the car, charge the camera and hit the road as we discover the best pink lakes in Australia.

Hutt Lagoon (Image Credit: Tourism Western Australia)

Australia is abundant with natural wonders, one of the most startling of which are the pink lakes. In a world with few secrets left, the mystery of Australia’s vibrant pink lakes is a natural wonder we’re happy to be mesmerised by.

Some say the unique colours of the lakes arise from microalgae, others note salinity, whilst some put forward a combination of factors. Whatever it is, we're in awe. 

A word of warning, however! The colour of the lakes varies by season and rainfall so they may not always appear as vivid. To make the most of your chances, it's recommended to visit after decent rainfall, during the transitional months of autumn and spring.

Either way, whatever you find, these incredible waters and their surroundings offer plenty to explore. Go forth as we discover the best pink lakes in Australia! 

The Best Pink Lakes in Australia: Western Australia

Lake Hillier (Image Credit: @MKZimagery)

Lake Hillier

With just a thin strip of sand separating this vibrant lake from the ocean, Lake Hillier is one of the most visually stunning pink lakes in Australia.

Scientists are still unsure what gives the lake its distinctive colour but speculate that it may be due to a certain type of microalgae or high levels of salinity.

Located on Middle Island, part of the Recherche Islands, Lake Hillier is only accessible via air or sea. We recommend booking a flight to take in the exceptional contrast this comparatively petite 600m natural wonder provides. 

Cape Arid, Western Australia

Hutt Lagoon (Image Credit: @seaustravl)

Hutt Lagoon

One of the most famous pink lakes in Australia, Hutt Lagoon is also the closest pink lake to Perth. At around five and a half hours, you’ll need to strap in for a road trip but fear not - there’s plenty to see and do on the way.

If you’re planning on staying overnight, you can head to the fishing village of Port Gregory which is a destination in its own right with world-class scuba diving, swimming and hills covered in wildflowers.

As for the 70 square kilometre salt lake, the shades can vary depending on season and time of day. The best time to visit is when there is little to no cloud cover.

And if you fancy a spectacular view, grab a scenic flight from Geraldton which will highlight the contrast of the ice-blue Indian Ocean with the bubble gum pink of the lake.

Yallabatharra, Western Australia

The Best Pink Lakes in Australia: South Australia

Lake Eyre (Image Credit: Elfie Snaps)

Lake Eyre

Lake Eyre is an absolute wonder - if you can time your visit right! Usually a salt pan, the lake floods every few years to reveal a palette of sunset shades in soft pinks, purples and orange that need to be seen to be believed.

If you're lucky enough to organise a visit, the lake is best viewed from above with a scenic flight to appreciate the natural phenomenon from above.

One of the most remote areas in South Australia, be sure to plan your trip well in advance.

William Creek, South Australia

Lake MacDonnell (Image Credit: @teddy_mlfr)

Lake MacDonnell

Lake MacDonnell is one of the more remote pink lakes in Australia but easily one of the most dramatic.

Located on the western tip of the Eyre Peninsula, the lake is 9 hours from Adelaide - a touch out of the way! If you find yourself crossing the Nullabor anytime soon, a visit to Lake MacDonnell is a great detour, or head to the popular surfing beaches of Point Sinclair and make a trip of it.

The causeway running by the side of the lake offers a dramatic photo opportunity with the contrast of the pink lake to one side and a green lake to the other.

Penong, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

Lake Bumbunga (Image Credit: @backpackzeit)

Lake Bumbunga

If you’re looking for a pink lake relatively close to a major city, Lake Bumbunga is it. Just 1.5 hours from Adelaide, situated between the popular tourist regions of Clare Valley and York Peninsula, lies this otherworldly landscape.

Like many of the pink lakes in Australia, Lake Bumbunga can be completely dry and shifts from pink to white to blue, depending on rainfall and other environmental factors.

The best time to visit is the transition seasons of autumn and spring. Good luck!

Lochiel, South Australia

The Best Pink Lakes in Australia: Victoria

Murray Sunset National Park (Image Credit: Visit Mildura)

Murray Sunset National Park, Victoria

At just over six hours from Melbourne, Murray Sunset National Park is worth the trek. You can spend days exploring the national park here.

A photographer's dream, on top of the numerous pink lakes (namely Crosbie, Becking, Kenyon and Hardy), the area is great for bird watching and stargazing come nightfall. 

Wentworth, NSW

If you loved this edit of the best pink lakes in Australia and are keen to hit the road for some more Instaworthy sights, be sure to catch our South Australia bucket list and best road trips in Australia roundups. 

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