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  • Here Are the Beauty Trends Coming Your Way in 2023

Here Are the Beauty Trends Coming Your Way in 2023

Side-Parts, lip liners and pencil-thin brows, oh my! When it comes to beauty trends in 2023 - expect the unexpected.

Zoe Foster Blake
Zoe Foster Blake

Did 2022 just zip before our eyes or was it just us? With a brand-new year comes a blank slate (or face, rather!) and if you're anything like us, you might be wondering what are the top beauty trends forecast for 2023?

From the surprising (side-parts are officially back!) to the super chic (natural-looking, brushed-up brows aren't going anywhere - phew!), we break down every single beauty trend coming your way in 2023. 

Rose Inc Tinted Serum
Rose Inc Tinted Serum

Skin tints are here to stay 

Heavy caked-on foundation is a thing of the past. 2023 will continue to focus on spot concealing with hydrating concealers and light skin-like finishes from our bases. Think tinted SPF’s like UltraViolette Dream Screen, Hilary Holmes' cult favourite Holme Base Primer or more releases like the lightweight coverage of the Rose Inc Tinted Serum. Brands have been delving into the skincare/makeup hybrid world for the past couple of years and the trend isn’t going anywhere. 

Natural, brushed-up brows 

This is music to our brows! The less-is-more theme will continue on to our arches and while we all know how crucial eyebrows are for framing our face, in 2023 they’re going to remain natural, brushed-up and with a cool-girl minimal style, a la Aussie model and influencer, Rebecca Harding. Try: Milk Makeup Kush Fibre Brow Gel. This is one of fellow brow queen Hailey Bieber's most beloved brow products and one that is perfect for helping to achieve her natural, brushed-up aesthetic. 

Pencil-thin brows

But like most trends, things always sit on a spectrum... And for every bushy-browed babe, there's going to be another rocking a pair of 1990s-inspired thin ones. Don't mind us millennials just rocking in the corner over here! We can't help but feel just a tad triggered by the return of the thin, overplucked brow, which reigned supreme during the nineties.

And look, we're not saying you have to embrace this trend with open arms, we're simply letting you know that you can expect it to be popping up on the 2023 browdar. Beauty influencers on TikTok are going HAM on the super-thin aesthetic so it's only a matter of time before it's on the mainstream map. Don't say we didn't warn you! It might be time to dust off your tweezers or head to your trusted eyebrow whisperer if you want to give it a crack. 

Minimalist skincare 

While COVID and our lack of social lives through it, amped up our desire for more labour-intensive skincare routines, post-COVID, we're all craving the complete opposite with a way more pulled-back approach. We're fickle beings, aren't we? So many of us overdid it with complex eight-step routines through lockdowns and 2023 will force us to minimise our skincare and use fewer products - but with more thought and science behind them. This will help our skin barriers, too. 

Urban jungle Melt me softly cleansing balm
Urban jungle Melt me softly cleansing balm

Barrier-loving skincare ingredients 

2023 will be all about minimising our skincare and pulling back on the actives with skin barrier-loving skincare ingredients continuing to reign supreme. Think ceramides to protect our skin and keep it healthy, alongside niacinamide to calm and brighten as well as gentle cleansers and lots of shea butter. Try: Urban jungle Melt me softly cleansing balm to help remove all your makeup gently at the end of the day, or add a little boujeeness to your routine with a classic skin strengthening and hydrating formula like Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore.  

Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask
Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask

Lip liners and balms over lipsticks

And of course, lived-in lips that look like your very own lips but better will still be everywhere. Think feathered-in lip liners, with glossy balms over the top and nothing else. Try: Charlotte Tilbury Lipcheat pencil liner in pillowtalk and seal it all in with one of Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Masks to hydrate and condition. Every single flavour is worth the spend. Trust us. 

Pucker up and get ready for peptide lip treatments

Often the neglected area when it comes to beauty - 2023's MO? Looking after your lips! After the huge success of Hailey Bieber's beauty brand Rhode's Peptide Lip Treatment, expect to see a lot more of these products popping up.

So, what even is a peptide lip treatment?! These hard-working formulations, which are made up of ingredients like shea butter, peptides, cupuaçu and babassu, are made to give your puckers some much-needed TLC. Post-treatment, expect pillowy, smooth and well-hydrated lips. Try: Paula's Choice Hyaluronic Acid + Peptide Lip Booster. 

Side parts are making a comeback! Just ask Zoë Foster Blake (Image via @zotheysay)
Side parts are making a comeback! Just ask Zoë Foster Blake (Image via @zotheysay)

Side-parts are officially out of retirement

Just as we got used to parting our hair down the middle, it turns out side-parts are back in rotation because everything is cyclical, right? Originally sin-binned after being labelled "cheugy" (aka, Gen Z talk for naff), it turns out we move on quickly and this beloved hairstyle, which reigned supreme in the early 2000s, has been welcomed once again by the likes of everyone from Kim Kardashian to homegrown beauty queen Zoë Foster Blake. And hey, if it's good enough for ZFB then you better believe we'll be giving it a red-hot go in 2023. Simply team it with a messy chignon or a super slicked-down ballerina bun and you'll soon be the trendsetter one step ahead of the pack. 

Levelling up your shower game

Showers are set to be the new baths, you heard it here first! And while self-care has become a bit of an overused buzzword, when it comes to fitting in time for ourselves, sometimes you have to squeeze it in on a whim when the moment presents itself. That's why we're loving the fact that shower whipped cream is becoming A Thing. Get all your body care sorted but make it fun! Try: Sundae's Pomegranate Fizz Foaming Body Wash, or Edota's Shower Steamer 3-pack.

Want to keep the pampering going? Check out our round-up of the best facials in Sydney and thank us later, or if oily skin is your bugbear, have a read of the best products for you. 

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