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The Best Home Office Ideas to Boost Productivity

Need to set up a workspace at home? Here are our five favourite ideas to consider for your own home office space.

Working from home has become the new normal and we are all creating makeshift home office spaces at dining tables, on the couch or even in bed. And though there may be advantages – no daily commute to and from work and staying in your pyjamas all day – it is easy to become distracted and difficult to separate your personal living zone from a professional space. Here are our five best home office ideas to ensure you have a practical and productive work zone. 

Photo credit- IKEA
Photo credit- IKEA

1. Picking the right spot 

Investing in all the home office furniture and accessories will be a waste if you don’t choose the best area for focus. If you do have a separate room, away from the busy hubs of your home – the living area, kitchen and bathroom – this is your best option. But if you do have a closed-off space or a spare corner, ensure that the spot is quiet and has natural light and fresh air. If your home office spot lacks sun, place a mirror in the room to help bounce what natural light there is around the space. And sure, it might feel comfy to work from your bed but it’s important to leave your bedroom as a place for rest and sleep if you can. You don’t want to be taking your work to bed with you – it puts you on the fast track to a disruptive sleep and little rest.

2. Study up on ergonomics

Working on a laptop on an apparatus made for pressing shirts and pants isn’t best home office practice. The keys are your desk, chair (Temple & Webster have a great selection) and computer. When seated upright at the desk with your shoulders relaxed and lowered, and eyes forward, your feet should be flat on the floor, your thighs parallel to the floor and your eyes should meet the top of your computer screen. Your arms should sit at right angles as you type with wrists close to level. An adjustable office chair will help you find your work comfort zone and a stack of books can help with the height of your computer screen. Just be sure to take a five-minute break every hour or two to stretch everything out.

3. Keep a clear and organised space 

Your desk area should be a space purely for work with no unnecessary clutter. If you have reference materials, files and documents, purchase folders, boxes and shelves for neat storage – try IKEA. Better yet, look to storing this information online on Google Drive for easy access that only takes up digital space rather than physical in your home office setup. No matter which option you choose, knowing where this information is stored will improve your efficiency and save you time. 

Image: Maizon Balzac
Image: Maizon Balzac

4.  Uncover your home office style

Having an organised home office gives you ample opportunity for a personal touch. Look to a few creature comforts, such as a leafy plant – Leaf Supply offers great options in beautiful vessels– for a fresh hit of Mother Nature’s best. A scented candle will help create a welcoming space – the coveted ceramic beauties at Provider Store will fit this brief – and staying hydrated has never looked more elegant than in a Maison Balzac carafe and glass. Add a moodboard compiled with inspiring images, family photos and personal mementos for another signature home office element. 

5. Stick to a routine

The best home office may physically tick all the boxes but its functionality comes down to you and how you go about your workday. Creating a plan will help you make the most of your home office. Running a household and attending to business is the ultimate blurring of work and home life and keeping them separate is key. Work out when you feel most productive and use these hours for tasks that require concerted effort. Jot down to-do lists, map out conference agendas and the time required to complete these meetings. Most importantly, be honest with yourself about what you can realistically achieve to help manage expectations.

Working from home will become second nature with these best home office ideas to ensure productivity levels stay high. From choosing the best spot to planning a routine guaranteed for optimal efficiency, these five home office factors will help you establish a designated zone that allows you to work at your very best. Looking for more home office ideas? Try these stylish home office ideas in your own space.