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  • This New Vintage Homewares Online Marketplace Is Keeping Your Interiors Sustainable And Chic

This New Vintage Homewares Online Marketplace Is Keeping Your Interiors Sustainable And Chic

Bazaa is changing the game for vintage homewares that keep your aesthetic and your values happy.

Instagram / @morganesezalory / @matthieusalvaing

In a gloriously chic leap towards sustainable living and the preservation of craftsmanship comes the launch of Bazaa, an online vintage and antique homewares marketplace. Offering a carefully curated array of authentic pieces, Bazaa not only fosters a circular economy but exalts the intricate stories woven into each item.

Selecting key pieces that elevate a space and contribute to a more conscious way of living, each piece showcased on the platform tells a tale of tradition and artistry, embodying the essence of timeless beauty and enduring quality.

"We're celebrating the charm of slow-made, pre-loved furniture and home decor, while reshaping how Australians discover, buy, and sell these timeless pieces," says Bazaa co-founder and former executive at Depop, Aria Wigneswaran.

This echoes the growing sentiment among Australians, with 88% acknowledging the sustainability of purchasing secondhand furniture and 67% expressing a preference for such items over new ones.

Aria Wigneswaran, Co-Founder of Bazaa

The allure of Bazaa lies not only in its vast collection but also in its role as a facilitator of connections between sellers and buyers. The platform serves as a melting pot of seasoned antique dealers, passionate enthusiasts, and individuals dedicated to preserving heritage through furniture restoration.

By fostering this community, Bazaa amplifies the diversity of offerings, ensuring that there's always something unique to discover – from mid-century classics to handwoven kilims from distant lands.

Moreover, Bazaa's commitment to sustainability extends beyond providing a marketplace; it serves as a solution to the environmental challenge posed by discarded furniture. With a staggering 85% of Australia's kerbside furniture ending up in landfills, Bazaa offers a lifeline, redirecting these items towards new homes and narratives.

Instagram / @mikewillcox

The shift towards online platforms for secondhand shopping is unmistakable, with 72% of Australians now purchasing pre-loved furniture through digital channels. 

At its core, Bazaa is not just a marketplace; it's a movement towards sustainability and reverence for craftsmanship. By providing a platform where each piece tells a story of tradition and artistry, Bazaa contributes to a more conscious and connected way of living.

As Aria Wigneswaran articulates, "Our passion for interior design and commitment to sustainability drive everything we do." Bazaa is not merely a marketplace; it's a testament to the enduring beauty of pre-loved homewares and the communities that cherish them.

In a world where the narrative of consumption is shifting towards sustainability, Bazaa stands at the forefront, offering Australians an opportunity to enrich their homes with pieces that carry both history and heart. As the demand for vintage and antique homewares continues to rise, Bazaa remains steadfast in its mission to redefine the way Australians shop, one cherished piece at a time.

We've scoured the site and found five pieces that have caught our eye. Prepare to add them to your interior inspo boards, stat.


Karl Erik Ekselius Easy/Lounge Chair, $1,100

Designed by Sweden's Karl Erik Ekselius and manufactured in Australia, this Easy/Lounge chair has been newly upholstered in a Warwick green wool. Despite some minor wear to the arms, it's a stand-out piece for any collector.

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Danish Aage Würtz Studio Ikebana Vase/Candle Holder, $220

From the 1970s, this vase-meets-candle holder was handmade in Denmark in the renowned Würtz Pottery Studio by father and son team Aage and Kasper Würtz. With several scattered hold that resemble moon craters, use it to creatively arrange flowers, or fit standard-sized candles. 

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Stone Look Bubble Table Lamp, $110

Pre-loved and a little bit flaw-some, this cute table lamp features a textured stone-look ceramic base and a brand new, pleated lampshade that's sure to light up any room, both literally and figuratively.

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Parker Rattan 2 Seater Lounge, $4,000

A stunning piece from the Nordic collection, this Parker Model 156 2 Seater Lounge is crafted with a solid teak frame and framed rattan back. It's been lovingly restored to perfection, with new webbing, plush velvet upholstery and high-density foam for unparalleled comfort. 

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TH Brown New Edition Venus Coffee Table, $1,390

A new edition reissue, the TH Brown Venus Coffee Table features an elegant "X" base with a floating glass top. Consider it the perfect statement piece for your lounge room.

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