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  • Small Bedroom Ideas: Design Tips & Tricks for a Space-savvy Sleeping Zone

Small Bedroom Ideas: Design Tips & Tricks for a Space-savvy Sleeping Zone

Dream big and rest easy in a calm, organised and welcoming space with these smart small bedroom ideas.

Life Interiors (Credit: Styling- @taper_jean_girl, Photography- @lynden_foss, citizens_of_style)

We all know the value of a good night’s sleep and it can only really be achieved in a bedroom that you’re truly comfortable in. This is even more important in a small bedroom. Working within a petite space simply means making sure every nook and cranny is accounted for in both a functional and stylish way. These small bedroom ideas cover getting the big-ticket items in a sleeping zone right, as well as the details and accessories that help create the inviting atmosphere of a calming place to relax in.

The Sheet Society

Small Bedroom Idea: Use Surfaces to Display Curated Style Vignettes

Don’t mistake a streamlined small bedroom as a boring one. There are plenty of opportunities to unleash your inner stylist and your best bets are the walls, bedside tables and your secondary storage. Create a neat little display of trinkets that you love – perhaps a handmade vase or shapely vessel (we love Kim Wallace Ceramics), art prints or wall-hangings, jewellery stands or trays to elevate your collection to gallery-esque heights, a neat stack of artfully arranged novels, magazines or coffee table books. These little pockets of personality will make your small bedroom a petite delight for you to feel relaxed and nurtured, ideal for a good night’s rest.

The Plant Society

Small Bedroom Idea: Work Wonders with a Touch of Mother Nature

We are all wild for indoor plants and a bedroom is an ideal spot for potted greenery. Succulents are a great low-maintenance choice and the variety of sculptural options means they make a graphic statement all of their own. A trailing leafy ivy will also bring a verdant, lush quality to your small bedroom, atop a chest of drawers, a wall shelf or a wardrobe or even from a ceiling-hung planter. And don’t forget your choice of planter as another opportunity to make a style statement, whether it’s coloured, ceramic or polished. Some of our favourite places to order your greenery hit include Leaf Supply (the duo’s latest book would also be a wise investment), Ivy Muse and The Plant Society.  

Life Interiors Life Interiors (Credit: Styling- @taper_jean_girl, Photography- @lynden_foss, citizens_of_style)

Small Bedroom Idea: Sort out Your Storage Solutions

Finding calm in your small bedroom is directly attuned to having a place for everything. If you have the space, go for built-in wardrobes so everything is out of sight and out of mind. If that isn’t an option, choose a tallboy or chest of drawers that mirrors your sense of style – you’ll find great options from Life Interiors, RJ Living, Freedom and Icon By Design. Another option is a bed with storage capabilities such as King Living’s Jasper Bed. Not only is the Jasper a show-stopper, it also has integrated lighting, side tables and concealed storage for optimal functionality.

Small Bedroom Idea: Treat Your Bed as a Statement Piece

It makes sense that you should use the biggest item in your small bedroom as a feature element. If you do choose to go with a bed frame, go for a slimline option or one in a neutral tone – one of our favourites is the Yoko Bed from Sarah Ellison available with or without bedhead. And treat your bed as a blank canvas for coloured, textured and patterned bed linen, cushions and throws to really showcase your personal style. Some of our favourite places to update your bed look include In Bed and The Sheet Society. In keeping with small bedroom design rules though, less is more so consider your choices carefully and how they all work together.

Small Bedroom Idea: Keep the Clutter & Chaos to a Minimum

This idea seems like an obvious one but it is easy to get a little carried away decorating a bedroom. Your space should be a restful oasis, which means keeping it to the essentials particularly in a small bedroom: a bed, lighting, a chair, a wardrobe and secondary storage in the form of a side table or chest of drawers (more on that later). If you can keep your home office set-up separate from your sleeping zone, keep it that way. If your bedroom has to serve double duty though, relegate your work zone to a concise and organised desk and chair in a corner.

A small bedroom still needs to deliver on both the style and restorative fronts and here are our favourite ideas to guarantee a welcoming space for the mind, body and soul. If you’re looking for inspiration to deck out your bedroom with the perfect pieces, try our guides on the best wooden bed frames and bedside tables.

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