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Storage Solutions for Every Space

To celebrate the King Winter Sale, we’re helping you save space and save cash with these fool-proof storage solutions.

We’ve partnered with King to bring you this guide to savvy storage solutions.

Space is perhaps the hottest commodity when it comes to Aussie homes. Whether you’re looking for more hanging space, storage for those linen sheet sets we’re all obsessed with or, if you live in a smaller city apartment, you might just be looking for storage full stop.

If you’re thinking it might be time for a furniture refresh, King is here to help you save space and save some cold hard cash with their epic winter sale.

Check out our tips on how to save space in your living space, bedroom, dining room and outdoor areas.

Storage Solutions: Living Room

As the name suggests, the living room is where we spend most of our time in our homes. It’s where we flop on the couch and binge the latest series, where we play board games, and where we eat our cheeky mid-week couch meals. The living room is the beating heart of any home and, because it’s where we spend most of our time, it’s where most of up clutter ends up congregating.

Modular pieces with built-in storage are a dream when it comes to finding storage in existing pieces. Working within the existing footprint of your pieces is an amazing way to save space. Sofas and ottomans with hidden storage components are a great place to store throws, cushions, books, games, whatever you want!

Furniture is a long-term investment. Seeking out modular pieces is a great way of making sure your furniture can change and grow with you as you move places or make room as your priorities change, be it swapping out for a bar cart, a workstation or even a crib.

Our top picks: King Jasper Sofa & King Delta Sofa

Storage Solutions: Bedroom

If you’ve ever tripped over your shoes or accidentally hip checked a bulky set of drawers, you’ll know the importance of having sensible storage solutions in your bedroom. Beds with hydraulic lifts and hidden under bed storage are an innovative way of gaining back valuable bedroom space. With massive amounts of storage space for spare linen, seasonal wardrobe pieces, your shoe addiction or basically whatever you want. The simple lifts mean you won’t have to be straining or stretching to reach under bed storage and – even better – you won’t need to remake your bed each time you lift up the bed thanks to the gentle hydraulic lift and smooth hinges.

If you’re not looking to invest in a new bed, consider storage cubbies on the sides of your headboard, storage ottomans or even just storage bins to slide under your bed to make space in your wardrobe, drawers and on counter spaces.

Our top picks: King Serenade Storage Bed & King Promenade Storage Bed

Storage Solutions: Dining Room

When it comes to storage, we want to maximise space by going low and going high. With this principle in mind, we are absolutely loving the King Vertio Wall System. This sleek contemporary piece can be mounted to the wall or used as a room divider. With Mondrian-esque sensibilities, the system comes in nine unique sizes and configurations with open and closed shelving.

Open storage is not for everyone, and we absolutely do not judge you if you prefer a ‘throw it all into a drawer and close it up’ approach. However, if you’re keen to display items from books to family photos and even plates and occasional pieces, open storage is a great way to keep everything in its place whilst maintaining an open feel. In apartment spaces, open shelving helps to maximise light flow while creating separate rooms, separating your dining and living spaces or even creating the perfect study nook for those working from home. No one wants to be staring at piles of paper or a clunky work monitor when you’re trying to enjoy a classy dinner party with friends.

Our pick: King Vertio Wall System

Storage Solutions: Outdoor Living

Even as we get into the icy depths of winter, it’s still important to squeeze every square inch of storage space out of existing areas. Storage in your outdoor furniture saves you from having to take throws and cushions inside when it rains. It can also be a great way to store kids’ toys, fold-out chairs and anything else in your garden or courtyard that could be victim to a strong gust of wind.

Trust us, you’ll feel very smug when you can just grab a throw rug from underneath your sun-lounger during sunset drinks rather than making the full schlep back to your house!

Our pick: King Jasper Outdoor

Rethinking your storage solutions? Explore the full range of premium furniture from King and invest in your favourite pieces for less with their winter sale. The seasonal sale runs from Saturday the 18th of June to Sunday the 31st of July, so there’s plenty of time to find the perfect piece. Looking for more storage tips? Check out our tips for apartment styling and make your home feel extra cosy this winter with these clever design tricks.

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