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This is the Summer Cocktail Everyone is Talking About

Want a drink that encapsulates the very best that summer has to offer? Here’s why the spritz should be your sip of choice this season.


We’ve partnered with Fever-Tree to share why the spritz - in all its various forms and flavours - is the cocktail on everyone’s must-sip list this summer.

From must-have fashion pieces to home decor colours and even food, every season has its “thing”. Summer, of course, is no different, and in 2024, there’s one drink that’s literally on everyone’s lips: the spritz. 

Effervescent and ever-so-refreshing, the spritz has become a quintessential summer tipple, thanks to its ability to capture the essence of leisurely afternoons and sunset social gatherings in a single glass. With vibrant hues and often garnished with fresh fruits, the term “sipping on a spritz” is synonymous with carefree and relaxed sophistication. 

The spritz can be traced as far back as the 1800s to Italy’s Veneto region when visitors and soldiers from the Austro-Hungarian Empire lightened Italian wines with a splash (or a "spritz", in German) of water. The most classic version, the Aperol Spritz, was born in 1919. A beloved blend of prosecco, bitter liqueur and a splash of soda water, the delicate balance of sweetness and bitterness dances on the palate and is a colourful addition to any cocktail hour. 

Since then, the spritz has evolved, with twists on taste, liqueurs, fruits and herbs spotted on some of the best bar menus in the country. And with premium sodas and mixers hitting the shelves, there’s no excuse not to be able to whip up any type of spritz that takes your fancy right at home.

Asking the question, “If three-quarters of your drink is the mixer, shouldn’t you mix with the best?”, Fever-Tree sources the finest ingredients from every corner of the earth to bring quality, choice and flavour back to mixers. Their range of sodas and gingers are perfect for creating any version of the spritz.

Here, we share the variations we’re trying this season to celebrate the summer of the spritz, from the classic citrusy notes of the Aperol Spritz to tangy, vibrant and unique modern twists.

A Classic Done Differently: The Italian Blood Orange Spritz

Combine the bittersweet notes of Aperol with the complex flavours of Italian Blood Orange for a cocktail that dances between fruity and herbal. Paying homage to the ancestral home of the spritz, Fever-Tree’s Italian Blood Orange Soda is made with juicy blood oranges from Sicily, which have a distinctive flavour that is sweeter and softer than table oranges. Combined with Fever-Tree’s carefully chosen herbal blend, the sweet notes of the blood oranges make for a deliciously different and refreshing mixer.  

Want to make it at home? Follow the recipe here.

Try It Now: Try the Blood Orange Spritz at Neutral Bay's The Oaks, or relish the rooftop view with a Negroni Spritz in hand at Skinny Dog Hotel in Kew, Victoria.

A Mexican Twist: The Paloma Spritz

A delightful twist on the classic cocktail, the Paloma Spritz blends the vibrant and zesty flavours of one of Mexico’s most beloved drinks with the elegance of a spritz. The result? A refreshing and sophisticated drink perfect for any occasion. 

The secret lies in perfectly balancing the blend of citrus, bitterness and bubbles, which is easy with Fever-Tree’s Pink Grapefruit Soda. Made with real juice, including that from hand-picked Spanish grapefruits (known worldwide as the “perfect pink grapefruit”), the soda is bitter yet sweet with fresh and floral notes. Pair with a premium blanco tequila for best results. 

Find the perfect Paloma Spritz recipe here.

Try It Now: Indulge in an after-work aperitif and relax with a Fever-Tree Paloma Spritz at Father's Office in Little Lonsdale Street or Flinders Lane.

The Fancy Fix: The Elderflower Spritz


Also known as the Hugo spritz, this modern Italian spin on the spritz is refreshing and flavourful, thanks to its combination of elderflower, prosecco, mint and lime. A touch sweeter than the traditional spritz, the delicate floral flavours of elderflower get a zesty twist with the addition of herbs and citrus.

Usually made using elderflower liqueur, further enhance the flavours by creating the drink with Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic Water. Made by mixing the gentle bitterness of high-quality quinine from the Democratic Republic of Congo with hand-picked flowers from the Engish countryside, it’s perfect to elevate an effervescent spritz.

Want to try it at home? Fill a wine glass with ice, pour in 45mL of premium gin and 15mL of fresh lime juice, then top up with 120mL of Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic Water. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint, and a slice of fresh lime and enjoy!

Try It Now: A crowd favourite, The Greens North Sydney makes a delightful Elderflower and Vodka Spritz that's a must-sip for summer.

The New Kid: The Lime & Yuzu Spritz


A trending ingredient in the mixology world, yuzu adds a distinctive sour, yet floral, flavour to any drink. Often described as a blend between lemon, lime and grapefruit, the fruit’s unique taste has become a prized and beloved addition to the modern of spritz recipes. A key ingredient in Fever Tree’s Lime & Yuzu Soda, the yuzu is sourced from the southerly regions of Shikoku and Oita in Japan, where trees take ten years to bear fruit. The whole yuzu is preserved during processing for a more intense flavour, which is complemented by Tahiti lime from Mexico’s fertile groves. Mix with a premium vodka or tequila for a mouth-wateringly zesty summer spritz.

Learn how to make this delightfully different drink here.

Try It Now: Nestled in the Noosa hinterland, brand new venue The Doonan serves up a delicious take on the Lime & Yuzu Spritz.

With flavour and quality of the utmost importance, explore Fever-Tree’s range of premium mixers now. From tonic waters to gingers, sodas and colas, cocktail-making - and spritz-creating - has never been more delicious. 

18+. Drink responsibly.

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