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The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks in Australia to Try

From non-alcoholic wine and beer to non-alcoholic gin, these are the best drinks sans alcohol in Australia to sample right now.

Remedy x Attica

Going alcohol-free offers plenty of benefits, from being able to drive yourself home after a night with mates to waking up hangover-free and ready for a workout. Your physical and mental health will thank you, too!

Whether you're a seasoned non-drink, are sober curious and thinking about giving up the booze in 2024 or just want a few more non-alcoholic options to add to the bar cart, welcome! Lucky for you, Australia is producing some fabulous non-alcoholic drinks, and you better believe we've been on a taste test. 

With more options than ever on the zero-alcohol scene, non-drinkers can access plenty of bevvies from ready-to-drink cocktails to beer, cider and wine. There is even a heap of delicious spirits just begging to be made into mocktails. Whatever your tipple of choice, you'll find something new and delicious to try here.

Read on for the best non-alcoholic drinks in Australia right now. 

Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks in Australia: Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

Monday Distillery

Monday Distillery Non-Alcoholic Margarita Spritz

For a guilt-free cocktail try the delicious beverages from Monday Distillery. Their Margaritz Spritz delivers a sparking tequila taste with luscious lime zing...and zero alcohol. Consider it a Mexican party starter, without the hangover.

$24.99 for 4 bottles


Nocktail Strawberry Daiquiri Premixed Mocktail

Take your Strawberry Daiquiri to a whole new (non-alcoholic) level with Nocktail's take on the fan favourite. There's a dramatic but subtle inclusion of Black Pepper Extract and delightful Natural Rum Flavour (sans alcohol, of course) with juicy strawberries and lime. A guilt-free bottoms up!

$15.99 for 4 cans

Yes You Can

Yes You Can Dark & Stormy

Just like a refreshing drink without the alcohol. Perfect for those who are partial to a cocktail but don't want the hangover, Yes You Can's Dark & Stormy has the familiar ginger and lime flavours without the rum. Need convincing? The non-alcoholic drink was awarded 'the world's best drink' in the no/low category at the World Drink Awards in 2023.

$16.50 for 4 cans

Naked Life

Naked Life Negroni Spritz

Whether you're a Negroni girl or a margarita lover, Naked Life does all the classic cocktails with zero booze. Using premium ingredients, you'll be sure you're sipping your favourite cocktails that you know and love. Their Negroni Spritz is a sweet blend of cherry, apple, lemon and orange extracts blended with the characteristic bitterness of cinchona and bitter orange. 

$15.80 for 4 cans

Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks in Australia: Kombucha

Remedy x Attica Lime Spider Kombucha

Remedy Kombucha x Attica - 2 x Limited Edition Flavours 

The collaboration between Attica's acclaimed Chef Ben Shewry and Remedy Drinks has crafted two of the best non-alcoholic drinks in Australia right now. That's because it combines a lovely dose of nostalgia alongside delicious taste and of course, that good kombucha gut health.

There are two distinct and distinctly Australian kombucha flavours on offer: Lime Spider and Apple Rhubarb Crumble. 

The Lime Spider is a refreshing blend that captures the essence of zesty lime and vanilla ice cream, creating a delightful summery beverage that is both invigorating and satisfying.

The Apple Rhubarb Crumble offers a harmonious fusion of sweet apples and tart rhubarb, reminiscent of the classic dessert we all grew up on. 

It's impossible to choose favourites here - so get both!

Purchase online here or in select retailers

$42.00 per mixed case of 12

Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks in Australia: Spirits


Etota Bittersweet Aperitivo

If it's a chic sans-alcohol beverage you're after, you'll want to snag a bottle of Etota. This bittersweet aperitivo can be mixed with soda or tonic for a refreshing golden-hour drink or sipped on its own. Tangy, sharp, sweet and deep, you can expect rhubarb on the nose whilst notes of grapefruit, rooibos and gentian tantalise your tongue. Created by bartenders and crafted in small batches in Byron Bay, this small-batch beauty is a winner.

$50 per bottle 

Ms Sans

Ms Sans Make Me a Sanstini

This alcohol-free alternative to vodka is a staple for any alcohol-free bar cart. Ms Sans Make Me a Sanstini can be enjoyed alone or in your favourite classic cocktail. It's low-calorie, Australian-made and boasts an exceptionally velvety mouthfeel. What more could you want?! 

$39.95 per bottle

Brunswick Aces

Brunswick Aces Diamonds Sapiir

Alcohol-free, vegan-friendly, gluten-free and all-natural ingredients, Brunswick Aces gin ticks many health-conscious boxes. Perfect to use in your favourite gin-based cocktails, this is a citrus-forward blend of premium botanicals for those times when you want something fresh and light.

$44.95 per bottle

Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks in Australia: Beer & Cider

Heaps Normal x Who Gives a Crap

Heaps Normal x Who Gives a Crap Cheeky IPA

The cheeky team behind Who Gives a Crap have teamed up with Heaps Normal to create a brew that helps build loos. Cheeky IPA is a limited-edition, non-alcoholic IPA with 50% of profits going towards building toilets and access to clean water to communities across the globe. Heaps Normal is also tossing in an extra $1.50 to WaterAid from every can sold – cheers to that.

Available in a limited number of bars and bottle shops from late April onwards, Cheeky IPA comes in a 4-pack for $16.99 or "grog & bog" or Tinnie & towels" bundles.

Shop now



If you're a big beer lover and looking for something crafty minus the alcohol, give NORT a swig. They don't subscribe to the one non-alcoholic beer suits all approach, instead offering four varieties - a refreshing ale, pacific ale, tropical XPA and all-day IPA. 

$21.50 for pack of six

Better Beer

Better Beer Zero Alc

Better Beer Zero Alc is crisp, refreshing, and the perfect beer for when you're not drinking beers. Using the 'vacuum evaporation' method, you can expect a beer that tastes like beer.

$15 per pack (6-pack) 

Alpine Cider

Alpine Granny Smith Sparkling Cider

Alpine Granny Smith Sparkling Cider is made from 100% hand-picked apples, then cold-pressed, filtered and carbonated to create a refreshing beverage. This one is perfect if you fancy something naturally sweet and aren't fussed about mocktails. 

$64.99 per pack (24-pack)

Molly Rose Brewing Co.

Molly Rose Brewing Co. Citra Citra IPA

If you like your beer with a hint of fruity freshness, then this is the drink for you. Fresh oranges and citrus hops are combined to craft each bottle of Molly Rose Brewing Co. Citra Citra IPA. Perfect for your sundowner sesh, we know this will become your summer drink of choice.

$17.49 for pack of four

Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks in Australia: Mixers, Soda & Sparkling Water


Bickford's Limited-Edition Anniversary Celebration Flavours

If you're never without a bottle of Bickford's Lime Cordial, this one is for you. The Aussie brand is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year and has launched new limited-edition flavours that are as nostalgic as they are delicious. There are six flavours to try: Lime Spider; Strawberry Lime Crush; Raspberry Ripple (available nationally from June); Mango Coconut Splash (available nationally from June); Pink Lemonade; and Creamy Soda.

Shop now


Fever-Tree Italian Blood Orange Soda

Originally made as mixers using the very best ingredients from around the world, Fever-Tree sodas are delightfully drinkable all on their own for days when you want a flavourful and effervescent beverage. Like an Aperol Spritz in a soda,  Fever Tree’s Italian Blood Orange Soda is made with juicy blood oranges from Sicily, with a beautiful herbal blend thanks to aromatic wormwood and delicate balsam.

$8 for pack of 4

DASH Water

DASH Water

DASH Water is canned sparkling water with a twist. It's all-natural and deliciously fruity. That’s because all their drinks are infused with real, wonky fruit that others reject.

That's right, they save odd-shaped fruit that doesn’t just make the cut for supermarkets and turn into a delicious drop.With flavours like raspberry, peach, cucumber and mango, it makes for a fresh, simple and super tasty bevvie.

$24.47 for 12 cans



Skip the standard supermarket soft drinks and opt for Bobby next time you're after something fun to drink. Each can of Bobby contains only 32-40 calories and includes added natural prebiotics. These colourful cans are low in sugar and come in fully recyclable packaging, too. Wins on wins! 

$4 per can 

Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks in Australia: Wine & Champagne

French Bloom

French Bloom Le Rosé

Got something to celebrate and still keen to pop a bottle of bubbly? No need to miss out with French Bloom's Le Rosé. You'll get to experience all the gorgeous notes of this de-alcoholised organic French chardonnay blend, which range from wild berries to rose petals and white peach, with none of the side effects! Delish! 

$60.99 per bottle 


NON8 Torched Apple & Oolong

The latest creation from Non, which has been in the works for over two years, has finally dropped and it's tangy, zingy and all things good. Perfect for a spring afternoon, Non8 Torched Apple & Oolong boasts notes of torched apple, oolong, burnt sugar and ginger root. Serve chilled with a side of creamy pasta. 

$30 per bottle

Brown Brothers

Brown Brothers Zero Range

Meet the booze-free members of the Brown Brothers family - the Zero Range. As leaders in wine innovation and experimentation, Brown Brothers has launched its very own Zero range of no-alcohol wines featuring Prosecco Zero, Prosecco Rosé Zero and Moscato Zero, which don’t sacrifice on flavour.

$19.99 per bottle for Brown Brothers Moscato, $20.00 per bottle for Prosecco Zero and Prosecco Rosé Zero.

Hardys Wine

Hardys Zero Sparkling

Using the ‘world-first’ de-alcoholisation technology, Hardys ZERO delivers a superior non-alcoholic tasting experience and has catapulted Hardys Zero to the forefront of the non-alcoholic beverage movement. ERO Sparkling is the newest in their non-alcoholic range, joining Chardonnay and Shiraz.

$13 per bottle

Plus & Minus Pinot Noir

Plus & Minus Pinot Noir

Although non-alcoholic, you can still expect a deep and rich flavour with a hint of sweetness from Plus & Minus' Pinot Noir. This South Australian drop pairs well with pasta, and at zero alcohol and 28 calories per 100ml, you can feel guilt-free finishing off the bottle.

$18 per bottle

Sobriety Society

Sobriety Society Shiraz Tempranillo 2021

Expect a vibrant berry flavour complemented by soft tannins, a hint of sweetness and gentle acidity from Sobriety Society's Shiraz Tempranillo 2021. Pair with your favourite barbequed meats for a delicious experience. These guys also make a chardonnay if reds don't quite tickle your fancy. 

$19.80 per bottle

Giesen 0% New Zealand Rose

Giesen 0% New Zealand Rose

Anyone who loves a good wine will know that those hailing from Marlborough are some of the best, and this rose is no exception. Light, fresh and alcohol-free, Giensen's 0% New Zealand Rose will have your palate jumping for joy with apple and stone fruit notes balanced beautifully with crisp cranberry flavours. Bring this one to your next dinner party for the perfect seafood or cheese board pairing.

$17.99 per bottle

Edenvale Expedition Series Verdejo Sauvignon Blanc

Edenvale Expedition Series Verdejo Sauvignon Blanc

Renowned winemaker Edenvale's Expedition Series expands the Australian and international market of non-alcoholic wines, making drinking in moderation more desirable and accessible. As part of this Spanish alcohol-removed wine range, their fresh white, a Verdejo Sauvignon Blanc, is our favourite. But don't just take our word for it, at the Best Wine Awards 2021 in France, this drop took out bronze.

$16.99 per bottle

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