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  • The Best Face Sunscreens in Australia to Keep Your Skin Protected & Youthful

The Best Face Sunscreens in Australia to Keep Your Skin Protected & Youthful

Here are the best face sunscreens in Australia to have at the ready this summer.

Naked Sundays

Let’s get real. Sunscreen is the most important step of a skincare routine. Yes, even before your beloved exfoliants and your retinol. It is a very important step to get right and realistically, if you can’t get this step right then there’s no point to the rest of your skincare routine. Want to know why? Let’s chat about it below.  

Fun fact: UV exposure is said to account for up to 80% of the visible signs of ageing. This basically means that if you are wearing SPF every day and staying out of the sun, then you are working at preventing this from happening. Using SPF is also going to protect your skin and keep it healthy long-term.

Although, finding the best face sunscreen can be a bit of a tricky process, right? Especially if you've got sensitive skin, you're prone to breakouts or you're looking for products that contain natural ingredients.

If you’re unsure where to start, below are some of our favourite and most trusted formulas and we promise you’re bound to fall in love with at least one of the best face sunscreens in Australia. 


Skinstitut Face The Day SPF 50+ Facial Sunscreen

For a broad spectrum coverage you can use daily, The Face The Day SPF 50+ Facial Sunscreen by Skinstitut covers all bases. High protection and the oil-free formulation give it a weightless, matte finish. Not only does it offer sun protection against UVA/UVB rays, but it also protects against blue light emitted from digital devices that can lead to free radical damage and dullness.

SHOP NOW: Skinstitut Face The Day SPF 50+ Facial Sunscreen, $56

Coco & Eve

Coco & Eve Daily Water Gel SPF50+ Sunscreen

This Australian-made, ultra-hydrating, and lightweight SPF50+ sunscreen is infused with skin-loving ingredients (think hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and vitamin E) for a silky, fast-absorbing finish. This face sunscreen works best when you use it as the last step of your skincare routine. After applying your moisturiser, wait two minutes for it to soak in then pop it on. 

SHOP NOW: Coco & Eve Daily Water Gel SPF50+ Sunscreen $39, 60ml


BOOST LAB Goody Goody Sun Drops SPF50+ Serum

A deliciously lightweight SPF50+ sunscreen serum with loads of hydrating benefits. It's packed with vitamin E and golden jojoba oil, and it has a clever technology that enables the natural production of Vitamin D in the skin. Simply use BOOST LAB's serum as the final step in your skincare routine, applying two to three full droppers of Goody Goody Sun Drops™ SPF50+ Serum to your face, neck, décolletage and hands.

SHOP NOW: BOOST LAB Goody Goody Sun Drops SPF50+ Serum, $39.95

Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus Second Skin Foundation with SPF25+

We love a multi-purpose product that saves time. And the new Eye of Horus Second Skin Foundation uses the benefits of actives to help achieve a smooth, buildable coverage with SPF25+ sun protection and a glowy finish that you guessed it, looks like a second skin. And yes, while it's technically not a face sunscreen, it's going to give you protection. 

Enriched with a phytocomplex of botanicals, amino acids and ingredients, including Moringa, Abyssinian, Witch Hazel, Ectoin and Vitamin E to reduce the appearance of fine lines as well as brighten the complexion and provide lasting hydration. It's a soft focus liquid foundation with sun protection and a second skin finish. Available in four optically blended shades and suitable for all ages and skin types. 

SHOP NOW: Eye of Horus Second Skin Foundation in Warm/Medium, $85

Naked Sundays

Naked Sundays SPF50+ 100% Mineral Glow Lotion Jumbo 80mL

Naked Sundays, launched by former news anchor Samantha Brett, has a revolutionary range of 'beautyscreen' products that are the answer to our collective prayers. Their bestselling four-in-one multi-tasking formula is a mineral SPF that has cult status for good reason. While it looks tinted, it spreads on easily to a translucent finish, it's SPF50+ 100% mineral SPF and infused with vegan collagen that can help smooth fine lines and boost moisture. 

SHOP NOW: Naked Sundays SPF50+ 100% Mineral Glow Lotion Jumbo 80mL, $50


Natio Ageless Daily Moisturiser UV Protection SPF 50+

Moisturise and help protect your skin from sun damage with Natio's lush, hydrating facial moisturiser. Made with organic Rosehip and SPF 50 sun filters, it's a lightweight, nourishing formula to add to your skincare routine. 

SHOP NOW: Natio Ageless UV Protection SPF50+ Daily Moisturiser 75g, $21.95

Ultra Violette

Ultra Violette Preen Screen SPF50 Reapplication Mist SKINSCREEN 75ml

When it comes to the best face sunscreens in Australia, Ultra Violette is the leader of the pack thanks to their luxe, sunsafe products. Because we know we have to apply SPF every. single. day. But we also know it's possibly the least fun part of our skincare routine. So Preen Screen aims to make it even easier to apply your SPF every morning - and even more importantly, to reply throughout the day. 

SHOP NOW: Ultra Violette Preen Screen SPF50, $42

Frank Body

Frank Body SPF50+ Hydrating Body & Face Sunscreen

Known for their skincare products, Frank Body has branched out into SPF and we couldn't be more excited because you just know your skin is going to love it. Easily absorbed and four hours water resistant, this 50+ UVA and UVB broad spectrum formula not only protects your skin, but the addition of hyaluronic acid and aloe vera helps hydrate the skin and Vitamin E helps to nourish it.

We love a multi-use product and it can be used both on your face and body. It also smells like coconuts which instantly makes everything better.

SHOP NOW: Frank Body SPF50+ Hydrating Body & Face Sunscreen $30.00, 140ml

Cancer Council

Cancer Council Face Day Wear Serum Hydrating SPF50+ 50ml

As far as the best face sunscreens in Australia go, the Cancer Council offers the most effective products as they are backed by research. Their Face Day Wear Serum has garnered a cult following thanks to its ultra-lightweight sunscreen serum with nourishing vitamin E and hyaluronic acid for extra hydration. It's also great value for money and an all-round versatile sunscreen, perfect for your morning beauty routine and can be worn under make-up. 

SHOP NOW: Cancer Council Face Day Wear Serum Hydrating SPF50+ 50ml, $24.95

We Are Feel Good Inc

We Are Feel Good Inc Good Morning SPF 50

This Aussie-owned and-made sunscreen range has gained a loyal following, and largely among those of us with sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested and clinically proven, this face sunscreen is lightweight so will sit well under makeup, and is packed with skin-loving ingredients like solanum lycopersicum (tomato extract), carnosine, hyaluronic acid, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) and squalane.

SHOP NOW: We Are Feel Good Inc Good Morning SPF 50, 34.95


Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+

Cult skincare brand Alpha-H has combined sun care and skincare in one luxurious formula with this Daily Essential moisturiser, primer and SPF all in one - making it one of the best face sunscreens in Australia. Rich in antioxidants for added sun protection and boasting 5 UVA/UVB filters, it leaves skin with a dewy finish and deep hydration, thanks to Pro Vitamin B5, Silica and Vitamin E.

SHOP NOW: Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+, $64.95


BEAUTI-FLTR Lustre Mineral SPF 50+

If you want a hardworking face sunscreen that goes above and beyond, BEAUTI-FLTR SPF 50+ is waiting to change your everyday routine. Packed with antioxidants, fragrance-free and cruelty-free, Feather Light offers lightweight and hydrating everyday protection. For a soft, dewy and illuminating finish, glow up with Lustre Mineral.

SHOP NOW: BEAUTI-FLTR Lustre Mineral SPF 50+ 75g, $25 


tbh. skin shady 50+

This dream cream is the perfect lightweight, broad-spectrum sunscreen to keep your skin protected and hydrated. Expect an oil-free and non-greasy formula that won't leave a white cast. tbh.'s skin shady also has vitamin E, so your skin will feel super nourished, too.

SHOP NOW: tbh., skin shady 50+, 100ml, $39.95


AzClear Day Moisturiser with SPF

Do you struggle with acne and breakouts? This is a great lightweight moisturiser/SPF hybrid that can simplify your skincare routine and prevent future breakouts. Cleanse, pop this on top, and voila!

SHOP NOW: Azclear Action Moisturiser with SPF 30 125ml, $16.99

Ultra Violette

Ultraviolette Supreme Screen

This SPF is loved by every person that has ever tried it. We're not kidding. What people love is that It doesn’t feel like a sunscreen. It’s hydrating, provides a glowy base for your makeup and is just a really nice product to use. One of the best face sunscreens in Australia? We think so.

SHOP NOW: Ultraviolette Supreme Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating SKINSCREEN™ 75ml, $52


Ultraceuticals Mattifying SPF

This is another great moisturiser/SPF hybrid that is great for acne and breakout-prone skin. Plus, it’s won a bunch of awards. It’s quite mattifying too, so if oily skin is a concern then this product would be a great choice for you,

SHOP NOW: Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 30 Mattifying 100ml, $90.00

Inspired to add one of the best face sunscreens to your morning skincare routine and looking for more inspo? Check out our summer party prep explainer for glowing skin this festive season. Then check out our roundup of all the best new beauty buys this month. 

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