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Alcohol-free Lifestyle: 5 Health Benefits of Giving Up Booze

With Dry July kicking off next month, here are some reasons why you should extend your alcohol ban for longer than a month.


When it comes to health and wellness, there are plenty of passing trends. But, one that seems to be gaining traction is the alcohol-free movement. Craftzero, an ecommerce platform solely dedicated to non-alcoholic beverages, or as they like to say ‘Grown Up Drinks, Alcohol Free’, doubled their sales, month on month post-launch in 2020.

Although still popular for Dry July each year, this previously seasonal trend is transforming into year-round demand. It’s no longer a trend, it’s a lifestyle, particularly for millennials (which makes up nearly 50% of their customers), the generation most known for binge drinking.

With how things are tracking for Craftzero, they expect alcohol-free living to only become a more viable lifestyle choice with the stigma around being a 'sober sally' lifting, awareness of alcohol-free alternatives growing and the variety of non-alcoholic beverages increasing.

Now that peer pressure has become less of a factor for millennials not wanting to give up alcohol,  it is the risks of binge drinking and the physical and mental health benefits of giving up booze that are driving this shift.

To help you navigate alcohol-free living, we list some of the top health benefits of giving up alcohol for good, and share our favourite non-alcoholic beverages you should try.

Health Benefits of Going Alcohol-free

1. Improved Sleep

Although a bit too much red wine can make you feel sleepy at first, overnight you will find that your deep, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep will be disrupted. Drinking alcohol will cause you to fall straight into a deep sleep, and you will miss out on REM sleep. This will cause you to potentially wake up multiple times during the night, or you'll wake up exhausted.

On a positive note, It only takes about one week of no alcohol to see positive improvements in your sleeping pattern.

2. Feel More Hydrated

As humans we're about 70% water, so hydration is uber important. Drinking alcohol actually increases the amount of water and fluid your body loses...approximately four times as much liquid as you actually take in. Crazy, right? Makes sense why a night of drinking generally equals means a splitting headache and dry throat. By giving up alcohol, you will be able to keep tabs on your hydration level which, in turn, will help you with your focus, mood and energy.

3. Your Organs Will Love You For it

From your heart to your liver, reducing and eliminating alcohol consumption will help the overall functioning of your most vital organs.

By ditching the booze, you assist in maintaining a healthy blood pressure level and minimising nasty fats like triglycerides, which decreases your chances of heart failure.

Another organ that will thank you for limiting your alcohol intake is the liver. It's one job is to filter toxins, and when alcohol is toxic to your cells, consistent binge drinking can take a toll on your poor liver leading to serious health issues. Good news though, by reducing the amount you drink you can give your liver a chance to repair itself...even regenerate. So cool.

4. Glowing, Healthy Skin (You can Thank us later)

Your skin is one giant organ. In the same way that your heart, liver and kidneys can be impacted by poor diet, so too can your skin. Not only will you notice a healthy glow across your cheeks from limiting the amount of sugary, alcoholic beverages you drink, but with your overall body functioning well, your skin will thrive.

5. Boosted Immunity

We're sure you've been there before when you've had a long lunch with the ladies, that ran into a long evening, and the next day you start getting the sniffles before the flu has taken hold. That's because alcohol can weaken your immune system for up to 24 hours, and long term heavy drinking can actually dull your immune response and your body's ability to repair.

With this in mind, think about drinking less, less often to ensure your immune system is in cold and flu-fighting shape.

Learnt a thing or two about sober, alcohol-free living and keen for more insights? head straight to our Health & Wellness hub for more self-care and mindfulness tips.