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  • Sydney’s Favourite Mini-bouquets, Little Flowers, Are Doing Big Things

Sydney’s Favourite Mini-bouquets, Little Flowers, Are Doing Big Things

One quarter of the Little Flowers founding group, Chris Berents, chats to us about his booming business. Alongside his partners Sarah Regan, Benjamin Sampson and John Kane, the group concocted the most adorably genius plan to sell mini bouquets of flowers for a flat rate of $30 in Inner Sydney. It’s proven a roaring success, and with the company expanding to cover more and more areas of Sydney, there’s no doubt that Little Flowers has plenty of big things in the works…

Q&A with Little Flowers

Where did the idea for Little Flowers originate?

Good old-fashioned people watching and a bit of argy-bargy. The four partners all had times where they had bought flowers for their loved ones only to be yelled at for “wasting” loads of money on something that was going to die in a couple of days. This got us thinking… What if we took the bigness out of flowers - the big size, the big occasions (birthdays, valentine’s day, anniversaries) and the big price tags ($80 – $180).  In our mind, no occasion should go flowerless. So, we made Little Flowers, where the gesture of sending flowers is just as important as the little flowers themselves.

Was floristry a completely new avenue for you? How was the transition into an entirely new industry?

Floristry was completely new to us, and because of that I think it gave us an advantage when it came to developing a completely new model for it. We surrounded ourselves with people who knew the industry and put our new slant on it. It must have worked because there are loads of copycats now doing the same thing!

How has your work-life balance changed since working at Little Flowers full time?

Wow…It’s the dream. But when you start a new biz, you kind of live and breathe it. You do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. But on the flip side to that, when you are doing something you love, it doesn’t feel like work.

Little Flowers has a very impressive social media following; do you think that your backgrounds in marketing helped to launch the brand so successfully?

Definitely. We really understood the need for an online brand to have a personality, a tone of voice and a community around it, particularly because we didn’t have a shop front.  Flowers are an emotional purchase, so we wanted it to be more than just a transaction. We wanted people to have fun with our brand and our flowers.

little flowers, sydney
little flowers, sydney
For the aspiring entrepreneurs, out there, what are the most valuable lessons you’ve learned from starting your own business?

  • Surround yourself with lovely people who know what you don’t.
  • Don’t think about doing it… you’ll think yourself out of it.Screw it - do it. 
  • Have a crack.
  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Embrace them. You learn more from them than from doing something right the first time.

Little Flowers’ bunches are completely unique day-to-day, what do your florists look for when selecting flowers each morning at the markets?

They all look for the freshest and highest quality local produce that is in season. But the bunch of the day depends on who went to the market that morning. Some of the girl’s love cottage cool stuff, while others are a little more romantic and one of the girls in particular is a bit loopy – she likes to break all the rules.

What does a typical day look like for the Little Flowers employees? What are the steps involved in getting the flowers ready for delivery?

It depends which department you work in, but because each day is a different bunch, each day is a different plan of attack. It is really hectic because we only start bunching the flowers in the morning and we sell out at 1pm then have to get all the bunches delivered by 5:30. It’s a madhouse really, but we have a lot of fun in the chaos.

On average, how many bunch deliveries are made each day?

Loads! Our delivery riders (and drivers) are really busy, lets say it’s more than 100 less than 300.

Your delivery areas already cover huge swathes of Sydney, are you hoping to continue this growth during 2017?

Yes, for sure. We are also looking to take the concept overseas as well.

3 Quick Q’s:

What’s your favourite type of flower? Sunflower.

Where is your go-to café for a coffee and pastry in Sydney? The Grounds in Alexandria.

If you weren’t in Sydney right now where would you be? Romania, working with bears and wolves.