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Best Essential Oils: How to Pick Your Signature Scent

Don't know your sandalwood from your geranium? We've got you with expert advice on finding the best essential oils for your home.

Known to have great therapeutic benefits for your overall health, essential oils play a vital role in creating a relaxing home environment. With so many different scents and oils available on the market, we found it quite tricky to figure out where to start. So, we chatted with Pat Princi-Jones, In Essence's aromatherapy expert and the author of A Scented Life, all about essential oils to kickstart our learning. To help you find the best essentials oils to use in your home, along with our favourite scents and blends, check out our article below! 

What are the best ways to use essential oils?

Diffusing your oils in open areas of the home is the best and most practical method of use. The particles are released as vapour, circle the air and enter our nose to work instantly on the brain.

Alternatively, applying oils to the skin enables their healing properties to enter the body. By adding a few drops to a teaspoon of sweet almond or jojoba, and massaging target areas of the body, you will nourish the skin while enhancing overall health with regular use.

In Essence
In Essence
How have essential oils become so popular?

Today’s growing interest in using essential oils for self-care is due first and foremost to the allure of their scent and the pleasure they provide. But, it is their therapeutic benefits that broaden their appeal and make essential oils so popular. During these uncertain times, it is their antimicrobial action and ability to improve our overall emotional, physiological and spiritual wellbeing, that make essential oil therapy so worthwhile.

What's the biggest benefit of using essential oils?

Essential oils can be your preferred line of defence during the coming months, as they offer real protective benefits regardless of the application you choose. If you start using them as soon as flu symptoms appear, you may limit the duration of a cold. If you are in good health, oils can even help prevent secondary bacterial infection when used regularly.

@nutritionist.marinamartic via In Essence
@nutritionist.marinamartic via In Essence
Which essential oils are good to use in the home?

At present we're all looking for the most antimicrobial oils to protect us and provide relief from cold and flu symptoms. Oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon, cedarwood and pine are perfect for this. Australian sandalwood is a powerful base note that works deeply, fighting germs and providing a sense grounding and nurturing. Frankincense is an all-round healer, and gentle florals such as lavender, Roman chamomile and geranium will provide soothing and comforting vibes. 

If I want to destress or boost my energy levels, what are the best essential oils to use?

Essential oils are endowed with a myriad of properties that work in unison and can be harnessed to improve our overall health and wellbeing.

To de-stress, regular use of neroli, bergamot or mandarin will beat those nervous butterflies. These oils are nerve tonics and known to reduce anxiety levels yet maintain alertness.

For energy, choose oils that are uplifting and stimulating such as peppermint and rosemary, as they're packed with properties that awaken brain waves.

Best Essential Oils: Sitchu's Top Six Essential Scents for Your Home

Best Essential Oil for Stress Relief: Calming Essential Oil Blend, dusk

dusk's Calming Essential Oil Blend, with a mix of orange, lavender and patchouli will have you feeling like you're in your own private spa.

Calming Essential Oil Blend 25ml, dusk, $39.99 (Two for $60)

In Essence
In Essence
Best Essential Oil for Health: Immune Pure Essential Oil Blend, In Essence

The perfect way to help ward off an impending sniffle, pop this potent blend of eucalyptus, lemon, marjoram and sandalwood in your diffuser to help boost your immunity.

Immune Pure Essential Oil Blend 25ml, In Essence, $34.95

ECO. Modern Essentials
ECO. Modern Essentials
Best Essential Oil for an Energy Boost: ECO. Energy Blend, ECO. Modern Essentials

For a burst of energy to get you through a long afternoon, pick up a bottle of ECO's Energy Blend of rosemary, lavender, juniper and black pepper.

ECO. Energy Blend 25ml, ECO. Modern Essentials, $18.99

Best Essential Oil for Sleep: Clary Sage Organic, ANJALI Pure Essential Oils

For a good night's sleep, opt for the soothing scent of clary sage from ANJALI Pure Essential Oils.

Clary Sage Organic 15ml, ANJALI Pure Essential Oils, $45.95

Maison Balzac
Maison Balzac
Best Essential Oil for Positive Vibes: Le Matin Essential Oil Blend, Maison Balzac

Leaving you feeling refreshed and uplifted, this thyme, lemon, rosebery and juniper blend from Maison Balzac is a must-have for any home. Best diffused in the morning!

Le Matin Essential Oil Blend, Maison Balzac, $39

Best Essential Oil for Focus: Isabelle Oil Burner Blend, Aesop

Blending spearmint leaf, sage leaf and rosemary leaf, Aesop's Isabelle Oil Burner Blend will have you feeling accomplished in no time.

Isabelle Oil Burner Blend 25ml, Aesop, $39

You've discovered the best essential oil for your home and are now looking for more self-care inspo? Be sure to check out our article on the best Australian beauty brands and get started on building your own skincare routine.