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Chic Dreams: How to Style Your Bedroom

Frustrated by the lack of linen options available in Australia, former Lifestyle Journalist Genevieve Rosen-Biller originally set up Bed Threads  as a passion project to satisfy her fix for quality bedding. Having found the options available were overpriced, sold impractically as separates and lower quality than what she was after, she decided to launch her own range of luxury linens that are affordable, comfortable to sleep in (regardless of the season), environmentally-friendly, and above all, incredibly beautiful. Fast-forward to today, and Bed Threads has now flourished into one of Australia's leading bedding brands. 

Knowing a thing or two on what makes a stylish bedroom tick, we asked Genevieve to share her tips on bedroom styling, bedding non-negotiables and how to prep your boudoir for a good night's sleep.

Favourite Bed Threads linens?

At the moment I’m styling our brand-new hues, Rust and Terracotta, together in an otherwise-neutral bedroom. Of course, it’s hard to go past fresh white linen — especially in summer.

What sets Bed Threads apart from other Manchester brands?

Our philosophy has always centred around providing luxurious 100% French Flax Linen bedding that’s comfortable to sleep in (whether it’s scorching or freezing), uncompromisingly high-quality and of course, priced at accessible point, and we’re excited that this ethos has really struck a chord with Australians.

It blows my mind that a high-quality linen set with two pillowcases, a duvet cover and a fitted sheet didn’t exist in the Australian market before Bed Threads, so we’re thrilled to be bringing something new, premium and ultimately useful to consumers.

Top 3 bedroom styling tips?

  1. Candles not only look great and create a super cosy space, their scent can also add a beautiful ambience to a room that shouldn’t be underestimated.
  2. Don’t feel that everything in your bedroom has to match to work — avoid the trap of over-styling.
  3. Declutter your bedside tables. It might sound a little Marie Kondo, but if your bedside tables have become a dumping ground for miscellaneous bedroom items, it’s time to pare things back and accentuate them with beautiful accessories instead of old glasses and used tissues.

5 pieces every bedroom should have?

  1. Pure linen bedding — this is a non-negotiable!
  2. A sleep-enhancing mattress.
  3. Lamps that double as decorative accents.
  4. High-quality, light-blocking curtains for optimal zzzs.
  5. A stylish storage solution! You can’t fall asleep if you have piles of clothes/towels/books everywhere you look. You need to eliminate visual noise to relax.

Finishing touches?

I think small details can really transform a bedroom and, ultimately, create a self-curated sanctuary you can retreat to at the end of the day. I’m a big champion for investing in beautiful pieces of art and timeless statement pieces — it’s hard to go past a beautifully crafted occasional chair or a set of gorgeous side-tables. Mirrors are another simple, low-key way to add personality and warmth to a room — and if positioned correctly, will create the illusion of more space. 

How to get a good night's sleep?

If your bed isn’t comfortable, you’re facing an uphill battle. It’s vital that you invest in a mattress tailored to your needs, pillows that aren’t lumpy and bedding that’s breathable. Choose bedding that’s inviting and beautiful so you’re excited to get between the sheets, and invest in block-out blinds or earplugs if your room is too light or noisy. While these things help, they need to go hand-in-hand with a pre-bed wind-down routine that involves relaxing and lighting a soothing candle — not frantically answering emails and scrolling Instagram.

Styling your bedroom in summer?

Look for bedding that’s has moisture-wicking qualities so you don’t spend the night tossing and turning in sweaty sheets. Switch your bedding to whites, blues and neutral colourways to add a cool vibe to your space. Invest in a fan that suits your aesthetic (and keeps you cool!), there are plenty of gorgeous vintage and retro options on the market to choose from.

Does linen help you sleep?

Linen is a trans-seasonal bedding solution: it keeps you snuggly in winter (acting as an insulator) and breezy in summer. Its moisture-wicking properties mean you can forget about ever waking up in a pool of sweat — in fact, linen can hold up to 20 times its weight in water, so you can rest assured your sheets will remain light and breathable as temperatures soar. Plus, it’s anti-static and becomes softer and softer with every wash. 

What are the other benefits?

Linen is a natural temperature-regulating fabric, and, as we all know, our temperature plays such a big part in our ability to fall asleep. The fact that linen keeps you cool or warm — depending on your body — is a huge benefit. It’s super absorbent, so keeps you cool and dry (perfect for anyone who gets a little sweaty in bed!) and it’s anti-static, anti-bacterial and a more sustainable option than other popular options on the market.