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  • Dermaplaning 101: What is Dermaplaning & Should You Be Doing It?

Dermaplaning 101: What is Dermaplaning & Should You Be Doing It?

The concept of shaving your face can feel off putting to many women, but there are many benefits to dermaplaning beyond smooth skin.

Dermaplaning is a skincare treatment that uses a small scalpel to remove the top most layer of the skin – gently and safely. And you know what sits on that top layer? All your tiny peach fuzz hairs, dead skin cells as well as teeny bits of dirt and oil. i.e dermaplaning is essentially just a way to remove these hairs, and lightly exfoliate at the same time.

To help understand this popular beauty treatment, we give you the rundown on everything you need to know before booking yourself in.

Dermaplaning FAQ

Will my Hair Grow Back Darker & Thicker?

If you are worried about your hair growing back thicker or darker following this treatment, don’t be.

When you dermaplane you are shaving your hairs, however this is not changing the structure of the follicle. You are just cutting it off at the base. Make sense? The rest of the follicle remains growing exactly like it normally would. So basically, your hair will eventually grow back in the same way it was growing before.

I've Got Fair Hair, is this Suitable for Me?

Dermaplaning is a great option for blondes who might not be the most suitable candidates for laser hair removal on the face, although are still after an effective way to get rid of their hair. Darker hair is just better suited for that type of hair reduction. While dermaplaning is a great option for lighter hair colours – or anybody that may not want to go down a laser route.

Dermaplaning Disclaimers

Consider Your Skin Type

However, not all skin types are great candidates for dermaplaning. In fact, if you have acne, rosacea, any active eczema, random rashes or are a super sensitive skin type, then this treatment is not recommended. 

Think Before you DIY

And shaving your face at home is not the same as dermaplaning in clinic. Dermaplaning in clinic uses a scalpel that is better for exfoliating in comparison to a razor you might be using at home. Hence why your face will normally feel softer and look glowier when you do this skin treatment in clinic.

The Benefits of Dermaplaning

1. Smoother Makeup Application

This is normally why people come back for more. Dermaplaning is a great treatment to have pre-wedding or big event where you need your makeup to sit really well. (Which will definitely happen once all your extra peach fuzz is removed!) Honestly, once that is removed you’ll be shocked at how well your makeup looks. Post-dermaplaning = the perfect makeup base. We promise your face will look flawless!

2. Gentle Exfoliation

The scalpel used in clinic is perfect for both light exfoliation and hair removal. Hence why a lot of people love to pop into clinic for dermaplaning at least once a month for a deeper exfoliation than they may get at home. Plus, this treatment is often combined with hydrating jelly masks and this combination is a major catalyst for glowy skin!

3. Products will Penetrate Deeper

If you are a skincare nerd you will know that regular exfoliation = better product penetration. Hence why people love to dermaplane regularly. For many this tiny skin treatment can = brighter, glowier results from their at home skincare.

Dermaplaning: The Final Verdict

To conclude: dermaplaning is gaining popularity quickly, however like any good skin treatment it is best done on the right skin type candidate. And how will you ever know if that is you? Well, via a skin consultation with a qualified Dermal Therapist. So book yourself in!

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