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  • The Best Australian Sunscreens to Keep Your Skin Protected & Youthful

The Best Australian Sunscreens to Keep Your Skin Protected & Youthful

Look after the skin you're in by finding the perfect sunscreen to add to your skincare routine.

Naked Sundays
Naked Sundays

Let’s get real. Sunscreen is the most important step of a skincare routine. Yes, even before your beloved exfoliants and your retinols. It is a very important step to get right and realistically, if you can’t get this step right then there’s no point to the rest of your skincare routine. Want to know why? Let’s chat about it below.  

Fun fact: UV exposure is said to account for up to 80% of the visible signs of ageing. This basically means that if you are wearing SPF every day and staying out of the sun, then you are working at preventing this from happening. Using SPF is also going to protect your skin and keep it healthy long term. Plus, if you want to start using stronger ingredients in your routine it’s additionally going to help protect your skin from any increased skin sensitivities that may be made worsened by the sun.

Although finding the right sunscreen can be a bit of a tricky process right? If you’re unsure where to start, below are some of our favourite and most trusted formulas and we promise you’re bound to fall in love with at least one of the best sunscreens on the market.

tbh. skin shady 50+

This dream cream is the perfect lightweight, broad spectrum sunscreen to keep your skin protected and hydrated. Expect an oil-free and non-greasy formula that won't leave a white cast. tbh.'s skin shady also has vitamin e, so your skin will feel super nourished too.

tbh., skin shady 50+, 100ml, $42

Naked Sundays
Naked Sundays
Naked Sundays SPF 50+ Hydrating Glow Mist

Kitted out in lilac, the SPF 50+ Hydrating Glow Mist is Australia’s very first over-your-makeup SPF. Perfect for forgetful folk who forget their sunscreen or for anyone looking for that extra bit of protection. The innovative formula does more than just provide sun protection, it also sets your makeup and uses antioxidants to give you that extra glow. Honestly, there's nothing this product can't do!

Naked Sundays, SPF 50+ Hydrating Glow Mist, 100mL, $39.95

AzClear Day Moisturiser with SPF

Do you struggle with acne and breakouts? This is a great lightweight moisturiser/SPF hybrid that can simplify your skincare routine and prevent future breakouts. Cleanse, pop this on top and voila!

Azclear Action Moisturiser with SPF 30 125ml, $17.99

Ultraviolette Supreme Screen

The SPF that is loved by every person that has ever tried it. We're 90% not kidding. What people love is that It doesn’t feel like a sunscreen. It’s hydrating, provides a glowy base for your makeup and is just a really nice product to use. 

Ultraviolette Supreme Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating SKINSCREEN™ 75ml, $49

Ultraceuticals Mattifying SPF

This is another great moisturiser/SPF hybrid that is great for acne and breakout-prone skin. Plus, it’s won a bunch of awards. It’s quite mattifying too, so if oily skin is a concern then this product would be a great choice for you,

Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 30 Mattifying 100ml, $86

We Are Feel Good Inc
We Are Feel Good Inc
Sticky Zinc Cream Medium Tint

This is another great physical SPF option. There are two shades in the range, light and medium, so choose accordingly. However, they both blend in nicely for a physical formula and are great for sensitive or acne-prone skin.

We Are Feel Good Inc Sticky Zinc with Tint 50g, $29.95

Ego Sunsense
Ego Sunsense
Ego Sunsense SPF 50+ Moisturising Face

The best budget SPF on the market if you love to have a glowy face! At just is $15, we don’t think it gets much cheaper than this. It’s hydrating, nourishing, doesn’t leave a white cast or your skin feeling sticky. LOVE!

Ego Sunsense SPF 50+ Moisturising Face & Neck 100ml, $7.50

Ultraviolette Lean Screen Mattifying Zinc

This is a great physical option for anybody that might prefer a physical formula over a chemical. Physical SPF’s are generally better for any sensitive and rosacea skin types, however they’re generally stickier and can leave a white cast. This one doesn’t do either and is one of the best on the market. *Add to cart*. 

Ultraviolette Lean Screen SPF 50+ Mattifying Zinc SKINSCREEN™ 75ml, $49

Inspired to add one of the best sunscreens to your own morning skincare routine and looking for more inspo? Head straight to our Beauty pillar for all the skincare tips and advice you need.