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  • Date Night at Home: 7 Lockdown-friendly Date Ideas that aren't Netflix & Chill

Date Night at Home: 7 Lockdown-friendly Date Ideas that aren't Netflix & Chill

Give your relationship a good dose of romantic spark with these fun yet simple ideas for a date night at home.

For couples in lockdown it can get quite stale, quite quick. You are spending every waking moment together, and for the newlyweds and newly 'single bubble official' couples this may be a dream, but, in time, the novelty does wear off and you are just wanting a night together that is a bit more special. Something like the good old days of city staycations and weekend road trips, to one-of-a-kind experiences and romantic fine dining meals.

Although we're all collectively over it, put your positivity caps on and read along as we try to provide a few suggestions on how to do date night in lockdown.

1. Change the Setting

For some of the country, going out is not at all possible. And having dinner in your home just feels like another night in. To help change up your perspective, take the opportunity to look around your home and see how you can change the setting...even ever so slightly.

From a picnic on the balcony to camping in the backyard, or even setting up a fort in the living room, there are many ways to set the scene for a fun night in, that doesn't remind you that you're staying in for the 45th night in a row.

For some couples that dine most nights on the lounge, it can be even more simple as setting the dining table beautifully with the plate sets and glassware that you save for a special occasion. 

Change the setting, change the vibe.

2. Get Dressed up

Ditch the loungewear and tracksuits, and get dolled up for the night. You can both put in a little more effort than you do for your Zoom calls with some makeup, hair product and a clean outfit (preferably one that hasn't been picked up off your bedroom floor). Make it extra fun by picking out each other's clothes, and arrive ready for date night in serious style.

3. Cook Together

Instead of dining on a meal-prepped delicacy or quick 2-min dish, spend the evening cooking up a storm. Set the menu and take the time to prepare everything together to dish up a beautiful meal.

Whether you cook from scratch (check out our Recipes hub for cuisine inspo) or opt for a restaurant meal kit, you will have made the laborious task of cooking dinner a more enjoyable one, together.

4. Discover Your Signature Drink

Forget your sad clean skin, 'only good for cooking' wine and pair your beautiful date night meal with a handcrafted libation or two. For mixologists that are keen to mix their own drink, we have a few favourite cocktail recipes you'll definitely want to try. Or for those looking for something a tad easier, leave it to the professionals and opt for one of the best alcohol delivery services in your local area.

5. Get to Know Each Other...Intimately

You may be spending more time in lockdown together, but that doesn't mean you are actually talking. Enter: conversation card games. These will help you engage in meaningful conversation and tackle questions and topics that you probably have never covered like aliens and the meaning of life. Expect to laugh, be shocked and, ultimately, understand both yourself and your partner better.

6. Get Creative

For creative couples, use date night as a way to create something together. From pottery (hello, Ghost) to painting, check out our favourite arts and craft kits for some creative inspo. For a creative outlet that will have a more practical application in your home, we found some awesome DIY projects that are guaranteed to bring you together (or force you apart like a trip to Ikea, it really could go either way). For those that love board games, take an old favourite and make it into something new. For example, take the Jenga pieces and write on each piece truth or dare. Or, turn a game of Chess into a drinking game.

7. Be Productive

Since you're probably spending most of your time together just watching Netflix, why not make it a date night that delivers results? Been putting off that budget chat? There is no time like the present. Both looking forward to your next holiday (whenever that may be)? Use your date night to plan it. Use the time to tackle something together that becomes easier with a few drinks under your belt.

8. Make it a Double

Loop in your best couple friends and make it a double date night. Set up some online gaming action and duke it out for best couple. Because, there is nothing like a bit of competition and taking down another couple to inspire romance between you and your lover. If you want to stay friends, we would avoid online Monopoly. Even in lockdown, that game still destroys friendships and lives.