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  • Winter Beauty Routine: How to Get Your Skin Looking Great this Winter

Winter Beauty Routine: How to Get Your Skin Looking Great this Winter

From ceramides to supplements, these are the things to add to your winter beauty routine.

Winter’s shorter, cooler days are at our doorstep which can not only dampen our mood– but also our skin. Winter can increase our skin’s chances of being dehydrated/dry, it can contribute to skin flaking and/or peeling and if you’re not looking after your skin properly, drier weather can lead to sensitised skin too. So how should we be looking after our skin during the cooler months? My favourite do’s and don’ts for winter beauty routines are below.

Winter Beauty Routine: Things to do

Add Ceramides Into Your Routine

Ceramides are long chain lipids that support our skin cells. As we age our ceramide levels deplete, but it can happen during the cooler months too if we’re not looking after our skin! This is a great ingredient to have in your routine to prevent Transepidermal water los (TEWL). TEWL is when water passes from the dermis through the epidermis and evaporates from the skin’s surface. Low temperatures can do this too and it leads to drier skin.

Switch to a Cream Cleanser

A gentle cream cleanser is a dry skin’s best friend most of the year – but especially during the colder months. If your skin feels stripped following a cleanse, you’re using the wrong one. Post cleansed skin should always feel hydrated and nourished and a great way to do that during winter is with a gentle cream cleanser.

Don’t Stop Wearing SPF

People tend to think that the cooler weather means we can ditch the SPF – but no, that’s a myth. We all need to be wearing SPF all year round. End of story.

Take Omega Supplements

Many people don’t realise how beneficial omega supplements can be for overall skin health. Omega 3,6,9 are great for maintaining a healthy cell membrane which of course = a hydrated and happy skin barrier. This is especially beneficial for anyone that may have chronically dry skin or skin conditions like eczema – and especially great during winter.

Winter Beauty Routine: Things NOT to do

Don’t Forget Your Hands

Handwashing has always been a necessity but these days, it’s really non-negotiable. However, constant hand washing can dry out the hands, so don’t forget to have a really great hand cream to get you through. I love: La Roche Posay Cicaplast Mains – especially great before bed!

Forget To Book In A Professional Skin Treatment!

Winter is the best time of year to book in for clinical skin treatments. Everyone always worries about peels and laser treatments during the summer months, and the additional sun exposure that comes with an increased risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, so the cooler months are perfect times for skin treatments. Ditto if you’ve been wanting to upkeep any laser hair removal appointments.

Don’t Continue Your Skincare on Autopilot

Having a few different skincare options if your budget allows can be beneficial as the season’s change. There’s no need to continue with your gel cleanser, if through winter your skin is feeling dry/itchy. Ditto if you’re exfoliant is too strong and is just drying you out further. Start listening to what your skin needs. Through winter your skin might prefer richer creams and oils to help with your hydration, and ingredients like squalane, shea butter and petrolatum may also be beneficial additions to help lock in hydration.

Stay In A Super-Hot Shower For Too Long

I know how great a hot shower can feel in the cooler weather, but long steamy showers can dry out the skin and contribute to other skin issues such as rosacea. Warm water is the best to shower in and don’t forget to moisturise as soon as you get out to help lock in hydration.