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The Best Online Games to Challenge Your Friends

From board games to trivia, there are plenty of fun ways to catch up with friends while staying at home.

Looking for things to do with your friends online that don't involve a standard Zoom chat? For your next group call, why not set up a fun games night! From board games to trivia, these are the best online games to play with your friends, to take your average game night to a virtual level.

Cards & Classic Board Games

From 500 and Gin Rummy, to Chess and Backgammon, you can play over 35 different games with your friends online. Better still, it it is free!


A battle of wits, Quiplash will provide you and your friends with some serious laughs. Testing your humour and quick witted-ness, you will need to answer simple questions and prompts, with your best and brightest responses. Extra points for making someone snort in laughter! 

All Bad Cards

All Bad Cards is just like Cards Against Humanity. Described as "a party game for horrible people", Cards Against Humanity is the perfect game to play with friends over a drink. The game is simple; you will take turns answering the question cards with hilarious one-liners on the answer cards. Be sure to leave your political correctness at the door.


Go toe-to-toe with your mates over a friendly match of Trivia. From entertainment to geography, you can set up a virtual Trivia night and challenge your friends to all six categories.


Consider yourself a wordsmith? Scrabble, the universally loved spelling game is now online. Flex your vocab and challenge your friends to a 'word-off'. Triple word score, FTW!

Drawful 2

Drawful combines creativity, drawing skill, speed and a touch of ridiculousness. You will take turns with your friends drawing absurd objects, concepts and things, while they have the tough task of guessing what it is. With different challenges throughout the game, you will be kept on your toes.


A family fave, this classic dice game has now gone online. Tee up a virtual catch up with your friends, and take turns rolling the dice in pursuit of a 'Yahtzee!'


The perfect game for a video call, Charades is the fun guessing game normally reserved for living room catch-ups. Head online to the Charades generator and you and your friends can take turns acting out phrases, songs and TV shows. Just make sure you all have a solid internet connection, as you don't want anyone freezing mid-Charade.


Often credited with starting many family arguments, Monopoly is now taking its competitive influence online.  Join your friends on the Monopoly board, and if an argument ensues, you can put the other players on mute.


The classic game of literary espionage, Codenames is a fun way to connect with friends online. All you need to do is split into teams, electing one person in each team to be the spymaster. All players use the same set of words but each team has a select number of them they have to uncover, and each spymaster can only provide a one-word clue, along with how many they get to guess. Super simple and fun, you will have a fair few laughs over this.

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